Sunday Update

Weighed in. Not happy, but not surprised. Back up to 195. I know last week was a fluke and I know that I indulged a little more than I should have this weekend. I still don't have to be happy about being back to 195. It's making me believe my body is very happy at 195 and it doesn't want to go any lower. So, to make my body happy, I bought a pint of that ice cream I had yesterday. But I'm trying to behave. In my world, that one pint is one serving. The package says it's 4 servings. I'm trying to compromise and I hope to get 3 servings out of it. Think I can do it? I do.

My plan for today was to kick back and not do too much. I wanted to go for my morning walk and I needed to get food for Ollie and groceries. I also wanted to clean the bedroom (and maybe the bathroom). Well, I didn't get it all done. I did my walk (6 miles), I got cat food (though when I got to the register, I realized I didn't bring my wallet with me. D'oh! Had to run home and grab it), got groceries (where I saw a co-worker I didn't want to and remapped my trip around the store to avoid him) and took a second walk (4 miles). The last thing I did was to finish off this season of Doctor Who. Wow. What an incredible two-part finale. And it was crammed full of cast, but it never felt crammed. The whole season was just amazing and is officially my favorite season, despite the ending of the last episode, which I didn't really care for.

Didn't get my nap today and I think I'll turn in early to make up for it. And I haven't read comics all weekend. I'll do that when I climb into bed.

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Lauren said...

I believe it is Ben and Jerry's who makes the even smaller than a pint containers. They probably equal one serving of that pint! About 4 inches tall. Tiny little thing, with its own wooden spoon attached to the inside lid. Best invention ever, but I can rarely find it, and usually only in one or two flavors. If you find those, then you can be satisfied and ok with eating the whole container!