I admit I steal freely from Nicole, but I'm going to mix it up a little and steal from another source this time. Thanks to Sasha for posting this on her own page.

The rules are simple. Go to UrbanDictionary.com and type in your answer (or the closest thing to it) to each question in the search box, then write the first definition it gives you.

Your name: Walt

Abbreviation for 'Waltor Mitty' - someone who pretends to be something they're not, especially: a member of the armed forces, a war veteran or a policeman.
These pathetic individuals try to compensate for their social inadequacies by adopting what they see as a glamorous or respectable lifestyle.
"Check out that military re-enactor walt. What a cunt."

"This walt tosser told me he was 22 SAS but I recognised him from Burger King.'

Your age: 42

The Almighty Answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. It was calculated by the computer Deep Thought for seven million years and when asked to build a better computer to discover the Question to the Life, the Universe, and Everything, it built the Earth. Before the Earth could tell the Question however, it was destroyed by the Vogons to make room for an interstellar highway bypass. For more information, see The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

One of your friends: Sharon

Noun: an extremely hot Asian girl or woman. Currently common in regional dialects of Seattle and Atlanta. But spreading like wildfire across the county. Get on board before it’s too late.

"See that waitress over by the door, she's a total sharon".
Feel free to replace massage parlors with "Sharon spas"

What should you be doing?: Housework

Busy work you do around the house.

Cleaning the house before a party or just to keep your place clean.

Your favorite food: Pizza

The perfect meal--an open-faced pie using tomato sauce, cheese, and any manner of meat toppings. In addition to the standard, medium-thick-crust pizza, there are two major American varieties: New York style, also called thin crust; and Chicago style, also called 'deep-dish' or (more accurately) 'stuffed' pizza.

Pizza is the perfect meal, man. A slice for lunch, a whole pie for dinner, and cold pizza for breakfast--hallalujah!

Hometown: Ellington, CT

a tiny ass town in CT where the population of cows is triple the population people.

Pat: "U live in Ellington?"

Garrett: "Ya I do."

Pat: "Which barn?"

Car you drive: Saturn

See ricer.

Redneck's honda.

A dream for ricers. A whore attached to aftermarket CRAP upgrades.

Last person you talked to on the phone: Ken

It literally means "know" in Scottish. Can also mean "know what i mean?" in Scottish.

1.Scottie: "Dae ye ken him?"
Translation: "Do you know him?"

2.Scottie: "It's fucked up, ken?"
Translation: "It's fucked up, know what i mean?"


Sasha said...

I am so easily amused. I found this meme to be pretty funny. :P I can't run either because I'm an old hag and I have had problems with my knee. But what I would love to be able to do again is play tennis. I was quite good back in the stone age. :)

Michael in Stuttgart said...

love it - lol