S C O R E ! ! ! ! ! !

It's been a long weekend. Ken and I made plans to go visit his best friend Jim and Jim's partner down in Jersey this weekend. It's been a long time since I've seen Jim. I think it was probably 5 or 6 months, if not longer. Anyway, we headed out yesterday morning. One of the best parts about going to Jim's house is he lives about ten minutes away from IKEA! So when we go, we plan a stop there first before ending up at Jim's. This time was no different. We didn't have anything in mind to buy this time, which is unusual. Last time we went was to buy a computer desk for me. We poked around for about two hours and ended up with a bunch of stuff, including a new chair and foot rest for my office. If it wasn't so fucking hot and humid right now, I'd be disassembling the futon to make room for the new chair. We also bought a little kitty tent for the cats. Ken saw it and he couldn't resist.

We made it to jim's and then headed out for lunch, since we hadn't eaten. I was going to be good, but then said fuck it and got a cheeseburger and fries. After all, I saw this on the scale on Saturday morning before leaving for New Jersey:

We mostly spent the weekend just hanging around at Jim's house, which was fun. I was dismissed at one point because the prescription the doctor has me on has been kicking my ass. I ended up taking an hour and a half power nap, which helped a lot.

Today was mostly about getting home. The traffic was very heavy, particularly the southbound traffic. Thankfully we were northbound. But even though I was away, I had access to a scale and I did my usual Sunday weigh in. I was hoping to see a number in the 180's this morning to go with yesterday's number, but I didn't. I got 190.0. 190.0! Can you fucking believe it? I hit my goal. Officially. While it may not hold for next week, I have officially dropped all 110 pounds I have been aiming for. I rule the fucking world!!!!! So for dinner, I'm torn. I was going to behave myself and eat a salad. But I also picked up a pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I'm having an internal struggle and so far the ice cream is winning.


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Eat the damn ice cream before you blow away in the wind, you skinny bitch! :)

What I mean by that is CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Archerr said...

Congratulations!!! I need to follow your lead.

Anonymous said...

You go, Walt! That is such awesome news! I hope you had a little ice cream to reward yourself. :)

(I -love- IKEA so much. Love love love it)

Southern Boy said...

Congrats, Walt! Yay!

Melanie said...

Walt, you are the MAN! Congratulations, pumpkin!

Wes said...

Congrats Walt. That is a big accomplishment. It is very impressive, and inspiring.