019 Batman Arkham: Poison Ivy

I think I said in one of my previous posts that I love this type of compilation book.  Stories from all over the place with the common theme being a character, not a storyline.  I was very excited for this book because I've always loved Poison Ivy.  And until I read this book, I thought I had a good grasp on the character.  I guess I never realized until reading this collection that no one at DC Comics had a good grasp on the character.  It felt like in every story, she was written differently.  Her backstory kept changing.  Her powers (or lack of) kept changing.  The only common thread in this whole collection was the name Poison Ivy.  Even when they tried to straighten her story out, it didn't stick.

While she's known as a Batman villain, I love that there's a two-part Wonder Woman story included in this collection.

My disdain for the New 52 is well known, but I think that Poison Ivy is one of the better re-vamps to come out of it.  I really like her redesign, I like that she's starting fresh and that they've taken elements of her entire previous run and applied those that work with the character.  Maybe now we'll have a consistent version of the character.

Batman Arkham: Poison Ivy
Writer: Robert Kanigher, Gerry Conway, Neil Gaiman, John Francis Moore, Alan Grant, Andrew Helfer, J.T. Krul, Guillem March, Marc Andreyko, Derek Frindolfs
Artist: Sheldon Moldoff, Ric Estrada, Jack Abel, Irv Novick, Mark Buckingham, P. Craig Russell, Brian Apthorp, Cully Hamner, Guillem March, Javiar Pina, Joe Giella, Vince Colletta, Steve Mitchell, Stan Woch, Robert Campanella
DC Comics

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