033 Batman - Detective Comics Vol 1: Rise Of The Batmen

This is the third Batman book of the Rebirth era I've read (Batman and Nightwing were the other two).  This is my favorite of the three.  I think it was the most well written.  The story was interesting as hell and it was executed with perfection.  There were things about it that surprised me.  The major thing was Clayface.  When I read he was going to be a supporting character in the book, I instantly wrote it off as a bad idea.  I stand corrected.  I really liked his use here.  It was a well thought out move on James Tynion's part and I applaud him for it.

My one nitpick is the character of Orphan (formerly Batgirl pre-New 52).  Naturally her tenure as Batgirl never happened and we're starting all over again with her.  It's kind of annoying because I've been reading her adventures as Batgirl recently.  We've lost years of character development.  I'm also not totally sold on her costume.  It looks like something she found in Black Canary's closet of former costumes that she had to rework in a Project Runway showdown.  Like she took an old BC costume and tried to jazz up her old Batgirl costume.  She lost that challenge.

I'm surprised that this first arc had such a big life changing event for Batwoman, especially considering her new solo book is coming so soon.  I guess the fallout will be addressed there.

Another thing I like is although it's a Batman book, Batman is more a supporting character than a main one.  I like that he's letting Batwoman feel like she's an equal (even though he sees no one as an equal).  And I like the team dynamic.  If this book wasn't called Detective Comics, Batman Family would be a great name.

Batman - Detective Comics Vol 1: Rise Of The Batmen
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Eddy Barrows, Alvaro Martinez, Al Barrionuevo, Eber Ferreira, Raul Fernandez
DC Comics

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