031 Teen Titans Vol 4: When Titans Fall

When the New 52 hit, I vowed I wasn't going to read Teen Titans.  I picked up the first issue and it was awful, but when the first trade came out, I bought it.  And it was awful.  But I've been a lifelong Teen Titans fan and I couldn't help myself.  Scott Lobdell was hired to reinvent the Teen Titans for the New 52.  Most of the characters had to be reworked because the history and origins they had no longer fit in with the new DC Universe.  To me, it felt like Scott put as little effort as possible in coming up with the backstories for these new versions.  

Anyway, he eventually left the book and Tony Bedard came on.  I like Tony's stuff.  He's a solid storyteller, but even he couldn't do anything worthwhile with what he had to work with.  This volume, the last in the current run, isn't the worst volume.  It was okay, but nothing to write home about.  These versions of the characters are still awful and I wish they would disappear forever.

For the most part, I've been pretty satisfied with the Rebirth versions of characters I've been reading.  The Teen Titans Rebirth issue is included in this trade.  And surprise, surprise, it's awful.  DC has finally given up on the Teen Titans.  

Teen Titans Vol 4: When Titans Fall
Writer: Tony Bedard, Scott Lobdell
Artist: Ian Churchill, Miguel Mendonca, Cory Smith, Norm Rapmund, Diana Egea
DC Comics

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