027 A-Force Vol 2: Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

This book is right up my alley.  It's a team book.  It features and all female cast.  These two reasons alone should mean I love this book.  But I don't.  I like it very much, but I don't love it.  And that's a shame, because Marvel could do better.  And it wouldn't take much effort to turn this from a decent book to an amazing book.  My advice is simple.  First, give the book a foundation.  It's a female Avengers team, but it stars a bunch of heroes who just happen to find themselves working together.  One quick one issue story to set them up as an official line-up with an official headquarters and all that jazz.  Then they'll feel like a real team.  Second, rethink the line up just a little bit.  Singularity has got to go.  Singularity, if you aren't familiar with her, is a sentient pocket universe.  Yes, you read that right.  She's gotta go.  And Medusa.  I love Medusa, but I feel she's in this book to push Marvel's "Everything Inhuman" agenda.  Which is fine, but actually use her, dammit.  She feels like an afterthought.  The rest of this book has a lot going for it.  The women are all over the board personality and motivation wise.  I like that.  And despite me hating Dazzler's current look, she's quickly becoming my favorite member of this team.  She's the moral conscience of this team and I love it.

A-Force Vol 2: Rage Against The Dying Of The Light
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Ben Caldwell, Paulo Siqueira, Joe Bennett, Scott Hanna
Marvel Comics

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