034 Green Arrow Vol 1: The Death & Life Of Oliver Queen

Once upon a time, DC Comics decided to shoot itself in the foot and relaunched it's entire line under the New 52 banner.  This meant scrapping everything good about the DC Universe and starting fresh, making comics as awful as possible.  Green Arrow was one of the worst.  I have no idea what the fuck TPTB were thinking, but it's obvious they weren't.  Green Arrow was awful.  And DC realized over a year into it that something needed to be done.  They had a hit TV show based on this character and the comic was unreadable.  So they hired Jeff Lemire to reboot this reboot.  And it worked.  As far as I'm concerned, the first three trades do no exist.  Jeff's run is the New 52 introduction of Green Arrow.

Anyway, his run was great.  Then he left and I panicked.  But the book has remained solid ever since.  This volume is no exception.  In fact, it may be just as good.  It took everything great that Jeff and added in regular old DCU stuff.  He's still a different Oliver Queen than the pre-New 52, but he's evolving into that character.  And Black Canary is along for the ride.  Hopefully that character will get straightened out with Rebirth.  They fucked her up so bad with the New 52.  So many different versions of her and none of them jive together.  This BC seems fun and consistent with the Batgirl version.

And as I mentioned two posts ago, Shado is back.  I'm amused that both GA books I read this weekend featured the return of Shado.

I'm most excited that this volume ended on a giant cliffhanger.  Can't wait for volume two.

Green Arrow Vol 1: The Death & Life Of Oliver Queen
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra
DC Comics

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