New Year, New Project

Something I've been meaning to do for the last couple of months is to weed out my closet.  I think I'm to the point where I have too many clothes.  But the thought of going through and getting rid of stuff is kind of overwhelming to me.  So I decided to make it a game.  A game, partially inspired by my friend Chris and his blog 365 T-Shirts: a sense of doubt blog. On his blog, he's going through his t-shirt collection and doing up full blog posts for each.  I'm hoping to do something similar.  I plan on wearing each of my t-shirts just once until I've gone through my entire collection.  I figure that by the time I'm through them all, I'll have a good sense on what I'm keeping and what I'm not.  Do not expect the awesomeness of Chris' blog on these posts.  I won't be doing one for each shirt and there won't be very much interesting commentary on the posts either.  But I plan on posting pictures of them all and maybe a few words to go with them.

Today is the 3rd of January and I've worn one every day so far.  There are days when I won't be wearing a t-shirt, though they should be pretty infrequent as I live in t-shirts.  I'm excluding from this challenge my gym shirts as they are dirty and gross and I wear them over and over.  But everything else is fair game.

January 1

This is one of my absolute favorite t-shirts.  I only wear it this time of the year because of the (implied) Christmas theme.  It's a Doctor Who/Doctor Seuss mash up with all the Doctors done up in a Grinch style.  This shirt just makes me smile ear to ear.  At least, it did until a few weeks ago.  An updated version of this shirt was offered on one of the t-shirt of the day sites I love.  The updated version includes the War Doctor on it.  He's the Doctor who we recently found out comes between the Paul McGann version and the Christopher Eccleston version.  But I didn't order it, as tempted as I was.

January 2

A generic Green Lantern symbol shirt.  I have another one similar to this, so I'm not sure what compelled me to buy this one other than loving Green Lantern.  I think I may have had a little store credit somewhere and didn't want to keep carrying it around with me, so I got this.  I think.

January 3

This is my newest shirt.  I mentioned on the January 1st shirt that I look at the different t-shirt of the day sites and shop them frequently. Actually, I go to teemagnet.com and they show the offerings from a half dozen or so sites each day.  I got this one from RIPT Apparel, I believe.  It's a Doctor Who/Power Puff Girls mash up.  I think it's so fucking cute.  I've got a thing for Doctor Who shirts, as you'll soon discover.

I do love my t-shirts.  For the longest time I was too fat to buy any since they don't make anything interesting in circus tent sizes.  Once I lost all that weight, I was going to buy myself anything that made me happy.  And my shirts make me happy as shit.  On the off chance I don't wear one to work, people always comment.  I wore a button up shirt one day last week and half the office made comments about it.  It was a little weird.

But there we are.  Three days in and three shirts worn.  I'll probably just end up doing a few shirts per post since it's been hard enough for me to post more than two or three times a month lately. 

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