A Brief Vacation Recap In Photos

A photo of the hotel we stayed at. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. I liked the hotel, though I had issues with the staff (see a previous post for details). It wasn't my favorite of Disney's hotels, but it was up there.

This is a typical view from the balcony in our room. For reals.

First stop, Magic Kingdom. It was all decked out for Halloween, as you can tell.

One of my 14,000 obligatory shots of me and the castle.

Day two was spent at the Animal Kingdom. Here I am in the queue line for It's Tough To Be A Bug. This is one of the carvings in the Tree of Life.

Dinner on Friday night was courtesy of Michael & Kevin. We got to check out their brand new house (I hate them!!!!!!!!!), feast on Kevin's cooking and spend a relaxing evening just hanging out.

Saturday we met up with Ryan Star Jones (he is a lawyah!) and did a tour of Epcot (after hitting the outlets. I needed new Chuck Taylors.) We insisted on getting the hot Norwegian guy in the picture. Keep in mind I'm 6' 4" when you look at this pic. Nord is even taller.

God forbid I see a character in any park. As long as the line isn't annoyingly long, I'm there!

I tried to make plans to see Ricky while I was in Florida and luckily at the last minute, plans were made. Sunday was spent with him, Nichole and Drew at Magic Kingdom. Ryan joined up for a little while until he had to go do work or some such bullshit.

Unfortunately, Ricky suffered a debilitating stroke while we were hanging out.

Fortunately, all he needed was a little loving to fully recover.

Monday was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios (or MGM, as I will always refer to it.) In the queue line for Toy Story Midway Mania. I fucking love that ride. I just wish everyone else in the world didn't. We managed to beat the lines all but one of the times we rode it.

Monday night we met up with Ryan and Scott for dinner. I ate my weight in food that night. I think I'm still full from it.

Tuesday Ken needed a break, so I headed out to Epcot solo. Every once in a while I get to have a solo day in the park, but mostly Ken gets co-dependent and thinks I'm just saying that I want a solo day and I never get one. This year I lucked out. No one to hold me back. Go at my own pace. Do what I want to do. I had a blast!

And I found some characters.

And some more...

And more....

And more....

I told you I was a character whore!

Tuesday night Ken and I met up with Kevin & Michael again to do Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween. I didn't realize you can get all dressed up in costumes to attend. (If you can't tell, I went dressed as candy corn.) And we got to trick or treat. I came home with a ton of candy. So much we still have a lot left.

Kevin & I

Michael, me and our tonsils.

Proof that Ken actually was there.

Wednesday in Epcot

Walt, the character whore, strikes again.

Ken's cutting in on my character time, dammit.

My "Singin' In The Rain" moment on the crowded streets of England in Epcot.

Back to MGM for more Toy Story Midway Mania!

Last day at Disney. Ken stayed back at the hotel to pack and I hit the parks one last time. This time Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, I hopped on the Animal Kingdom bus first and delayed my arrival by some time. I'm dumb.

Picture Spot!

I'll post some more pictures (hopefully) this weekend.

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