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Hurrah! It's a (fake) holiday weekend. Work is closed on Monday and I took today off, making it a glorious 4 day weekend. I deserve it. After all, I just worked two 5 day weeks. In a row. Seriously, I don't often take advantage of making a 3 day weekend a 4 day one, but I figured "why not?" The first of the four days is coming to a close and I can't say that I did anything with it. I watched a little tv, read a little, got sucked into a Bejeweled Blitz hole on Facebook and found a little time for some minor chores. I've got a bunch of small little things I hope to accomplish this weekend. We'll see how that goes.

The weekend has just hit it's first major snag, though. Part of what I was looking forward to was a quiet, solo weekend. Ken's nephew is flying in from Colorado this evening and he's taking him home to New Hampshire first thing in the morning. Or he was. Peter just called and he missed his flight. By minutes. Ken's on the phone with him right now getting the update. From what I can overhear, he's not going to make it tonight, but should be here tomorrow morning. We'll see. But this throws a wrench in my quiet time. Hopefully not too big of a wrench, though.

I was originally contemplating going to New Hampshire with the two of them, mostly so Ken wouldn't have to drive back here solo, but when I asked what the plans were for the weekend, I just didn't feel like dealing.

UPDATE: The flight situation has been resolved. Ken's nephew is flying from Colorado to Baltimore tonight (in about an hour.) Unfortunately, he's stranded at the airport until tomorrow morning, when he can catch a flight here. Ken's plan is go get him from the airport and then immediately hit the road. His nephew has other plans. He wants to stay here Saturday and then head out Sunday. I don't like this plan for two major reasons. One, it cuts into the solitude I was planning for myself in a big way and two, I'm not what you'd call fond of the guy. I liked it better when he was landing here late tonight better. So not only is this going to impact my admittedly selfish weekend plans, but it's also completely killing Ken's weekend. Because of this, he's going to try to convince his nephew that they are indeed going to New Hampshire tomorrow, but compromise and do it later in the day or early evening.

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