I don't really have much to say, but I wanted to put something out there. It's been nearly a week.

Had my dentist appointment today. It was probably the smoothest cleaning I've ever had. I didn't get lectured on anything, my teeth seem to be in fine condition and there was no pain (well, except for when my lady lost her balance while attempting to floss my teeth. She jammed the floss way, way up between two of my teeth.) I got three different referral cards from my dentist for oral surgeons to get my wisdom teeth taken care of. I called one, made an appointment and asked how my insurance was going to work. I wasn't feeling totally confident with my choice because this surgeon is out of network. Luckily one of the three choices I was given is in network (in fact, there is only one in network oral surgeon in my area. One. WTF?) I have my appointment made for a consultation and then we'll set up the actual surgery. I was asked if I'd like the consultation and the surgery all on the same day, but that freaked me out. I think I'd feel better doing this in two steps.

My sciatic nerve issues is still there, but it's calmed down enough that I got a decent amount of walking in this weekend. Friday night I did just over an hour. Sunday morning I did another hour and a quarter. This morning before my appointment I got a hour and then this afternoon it warmed up enough outside for me to get out an do one last hour. I used the comic shop as an excuse to go walking (needed to pick up X-Men vs. The Agents Of Atlas.) I miss walking. With winter coming, the chances for me to get out and do more are getting more and more sparse. I feel good that I got to do something this weekend, though. It's been really getting me down that I can't seem to shake this vacation weight. I know it's less than ten pounds, but it's just over the range I feel comfortable at. But I'm working towards my goal.

I've been seriously thinking about my comic book addiction lately. It's getting to the point that I have to do something. I read dozens of series every month. The list (which I need to tweak) is in the sidebar to the right of this. It's hard for me to remember what's happening month-to-month in all the books I read. I don't know if it's a sign of my age or what, but it's kind of frustrating. While I still enjoy most of what I'm reading, I hate that I have to go back and look at the previous issues to remember where I left off. Before I make my next monthly order, I need to sit down with my list and decide which books I'm still going to follow on a monthly basis, which books will be better for me to read in trade paperback form and which books I can drop. Transitioning over from a monthly book to a trade paperback is going to be hard for me. Rather than getting twelve issues of a particular book a year, I'll be getting two. But an entire story will be collected in one of those two books, and that will help me tremendously. I do read a few series in trade format, but those are books that I came to well after the fact. I've never stopped picking up the monthly books in favor of a trade. It'll be interesting to see if I can do this.

I hate that this three day weekend is coming to a close. Again, I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I should have, but I have no regrets.