Here are my WTF moments for today.

Not one, but two of my contemporaries called out sick today and I was expected to do their jobs as well as my own. And I have more than enough of my own stuff to work on today. WTF? As long as one of them is better and comes in tomorrow, I'll be okay.

Ollie, my boy cat, is up on my desk right now and he's fucking around. I just caught him trying to tear open a candy bar I have sitting on my desk. WTF? Cats don't even like dark chocolate.

I have a protective screen cover on my iPhone. Unfortunately, when I put it on, I never noticed that there was a piece of cat fur on the screen, so I've had that stuck under the protector since I got my phone. Today I noticed the fur was gone. And so was the protective cover. WTF? Where did it go. I didn't pull it off. I asked Ken and neither did he. These things don't just pop off by themselves. Now I've got to go out and get another. Ack! But not tonight. I'm exhausted and have no desire to leave the house.

I left work tonight and caught a ride home with my friend Amiee. We were around the corner from our building, stopped at a red light, when a man dressed in full Revolutionary War garb was walking by the Capital Building, all by himself. WTF? If it was a publicity stunt, it failed because I don't know what it was for. He was just walking around like normal. I'm still scratching my head about that one.

While at work today, I was thinking about how much extra I've been working this year and how nice it looks on payday. But then it hit me that while this might be true, why am I just as poor, if not poorer now than I was before I was slaving away for the man? WTF?

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