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I don't know why I'm sitting on the computer tonight. Thursday nights I tend to shy away from it. I have a full load of tv to watch, but tonight it's been disrupted by basketball. Meh. But rather than take this extra time to do something productive, I've been sitting here, trying to catch up on my reading and writing. And yeah, I'm not making much progress. I get so easily sidetracked once I turn the computer on. I start reading an email, which then reminds me I have a word game going over at Facebook, which then makes me go look at blogs, which then sends me who knows where else and before you know it, the night is over and I've wasted it.

I know I've talked incessantly about how much overtime I've been cranking out at work, but considering that's about all that's going on in my life right now, it's no big surprise. We get paid on a bi-weekly schedule and yesterday was the end of the latest pay cycle. When I totaled up my time card this week, I realized that I am now less than 8 hours away from meeting the amount of overtime I got paid for all of last year. And it's only March. I'd like to say the extra money has been nice, but I haven't really noticed all that much extra. We're aggressively attacking our debt and according to the latest spread sheet Ken printed up, we should be completely out of debt (with the exception of the mortgage) on September 4th. It's just six months away. I'm still trying not to think about it too much and get excited because you never know what's going to happen between now and then. My job is pretty stable, or so I've been lead to believe, but Ken lives in fear every day that his job will go away. But the thought of actually being able to put money away is such a good thought.

I'm so happy the weekend is almost here. I've been looking forward to it more than usual. Probably because I'm feeling pretty burned out and I really didn't get much of anything done last weekend. This weekend I hope to be able to attack that stack of comics I got last week. I hope to get all caught up on my television watching. I hope to put another dent in the pile of unwatched dvds. I hope to keep my internet wasting time to a minimum, too.

This week the weather finally took a turn for the better. By better, I mean it got up into the 50s. And I finally got outside and started walking. I think I might have already mentioned this, but I can't remember shit right now. Anyway, on Sunday I went out and walked one of my routes. Tuesday night after work, I did it again. And that's when I realized how out of shape I've gotten over the winter. I don't give up walking completely during the winter. I keep it to a minimum because of the weather. Sunday mornings I get up at 5:30 and go to the mall to walk with the blue hairs for an hour. Walking the mall and walking outside are two completely different things. The mall is flat. My outside routes are not. Outside takes a little more out of me, but it's a much more pleasant walk. I haven't walked home from work as of yet. I'm waiting for the weather to get a little nicer before I try that. Plus, I need to build my endurance back up a little more. And as the weather gets nicer, I need to learn to get my priorities in order again so I can incorporate some regular exercise back into my routine.

And just because, I pre-ordered the new Jill Sobule cd today. I adore her.

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