Four Days

Oops. Didn't realize I haven't posted here in four days. Not intentional, but sometimes there's either not enough time or not enough going on to write something down. I have to say that this time there just hasn't been a lot happening worth jotting down.

Today I'm having a "day of beauty." I've got next to nothing on my agenda and I like it that way. I cleared out the dvr already so I'm all caught up on my trash tv (for now.) Only thing about that, though, is Hell's Kitchen cut off before it was over, so I don't know who went home. I suppose I could google it, but that's not gonna happen.

I'm fearful as to how I'm going to feel this week. I hate when the clocks jump ahead an hour. It's just one lost hour, but that one lost hour usually takes me all week to get used to. It's been hard enough as it is getting up as early as I have been lately. I'm going to try for it again tomorrow, but I have a terrible feeling I'm going to feel it. I'm kind of feeling it today. I got up at 5:30 and my body did let me know that it's still only 4:30. I've been debating taking a nap, but I'm afraid that's only going to fuck me up when I try to go to bed tonight. If it happens, it happens, but I'm not going to actively pursue it.

I'm a little freaked out about this coming week. For the last year and quarter (or so), I've been obsessively going through and making sure I've listened to every song I own. I've conditioned myself that this is the way to listen to music now. But as of this very moment, I'm down to 277 unplayed songs (not counting Christmas). I mean, they've all been played before at one time or another, but not since importing them to iTunes, where I can track 'em. Depending on the number of podcasts that come out this week, I should have gotten through the rest of these songs by Wednesday at the latest. It's been all about these songs, making playlists revolving around these songs... all that stuff for the last 15 months. I'm going to have to get to work creating new playlists, figuring out what stuff I need and don't need on my iPod. I'm a little overwhelmed by the prospect. If only all of life's problems could be like this. LOL!

So now that I'm, for the most part, caught up on my music listening, are there any singers or bands I should be listening to that I'm not? Suggestions, please.

I've been also trying to get through the pile of dvds I have that I haven't watched or haven't finished watching yet. This weekend I finished off the Match Game 4 dvd set and started (again) the 10 dvd Pee Wee's Playhouse set I got for Christmas a number of years ago. I forgot exactly how much I loved that show until watching a few hours of it last night. I can't wait to get though the rest of it.

Now I'm off to read the Gotham Underground paperback.


Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

As someone who has 20k mp3's, plus podcasts & videos that amount to more than three times the capacity of my iPod, I totally understand.

I'm a little obsessive compulsive about my music (As I have a low saturation level, i.e. song becomes overplayed and I grow to hate it or the artist. For instance: I now hate Creed, Rod Stewart & Billy Joel because I can hear them in my mind without any actually playing them.) so what I did was create a series of smart playlists using the 'grouping' column and the various sorting options.

Smart playlists can be used to pick out anything by any category, so I have about 20 that do nothing but look for blanks in various columns, or songs I haven't listened to in X many months/years. The only thing I can't get it to do is look for de-selected songs and broken links (! marks in the #field).

So a song might be tagged (because iTunes & the music industry have arbitrary genres and are dated by cd issue) Family (taken from M&D's cd), Soundtrack, Motown, Original Decade# (60's), or XMas, Hannukah, Winter (no mention of XMas in song), Halloween, Summer Beach, Disney, etc.

You could also try the new Genius feature first.

I would also recommend looking at high skip counts on certain songs. This records the number of times you've fast forwarded to the next song(s). Usually an indication of the song's lack of appeal.

I'm terrible about keeping up with new music and my taste is somewhere between eclectic and awful. I will however recommend two things.

One, if you don't already have it, go out and get the Original 1987 Transformers Movie soundtrack. If only for the Stan Bush's 'The Touch', 'Dare' & Weird Al's 'Dare to be Stupid'.

In the 'Peaches for Teaches' theme, try the Europop singer E-Rotic. Far more melodic than 'Peaches', these silly pop songs have suggestive lyrics that get stuck in one's head. It reminds me of Aqua's single 'Barbie Girl'

Bjorn said...

I have at least 40gb of music i haven't listened to in either a long time and maybe at all. Contact me, I can give you my list of music if you want suggestions. I also have rolling stone's top 500 songs if you want that.

contact me...you know where i am.