Poseidon & The Bitter Bug

So, I'm sitting here at the end of an otherwise spectacular day, cursing myself out for pigging out at dinner. I knew exactly how hungry I was and still had to sit there and debate what to order. I knew what I should have gotten and I knew what I wanted to get. The want side won out and I got a cheeseburger club (mmmmmm, bacon & swiss.....) and fries. I didn't need either. And if that wasn't bad enough, we weren't allowed to leave the restaurant until we had dessert (restaurant owner's orders), so I had a piece of chocolate cake. No, I didn't need any of what I ate, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy every last bite. I hate, hate, hate that I have a conscience about food. I'm hyper critical about everything I eat, but I still eat shit I shouldn't. I guess I wouldn't feel so bad if Ken didn't order me a piece of cake from the diner last night, too. (And let me tell you, if I gain anything this week, it was worth it for that diner cake. One layer of chocolate cake, one layer of cheesecake, one layer of chocolate cake, frosting. OMG!!!!!)

Anyway, like I said earlier, it was a spectacular day today. It was nice going in on a Friday not completely spent already. Having Thursday off did wonders. Finding out that FrankenKlinger had the day off was like my birthday coming early. One of my bosses' birthday was today, so there was cake. Just as she went to cut the cake, though, the fire alarm went off and we were evacuated. At first I thought it was a fire drill, but found out later that something set off one of the smoke detectors on the floor below us (dust, it turns out). By the time we got back in, I managed to talk myself out of cake (good move, Walt!), something I wouldn't have done if not for the alarm. The weather was also great today. I think the temp topped out at 59 degrees. It's starting to feel springy and I couldn't be happier. When I got home from work, there were two packages waiting for me. Huzzah! There was a box of comics (and two new t-shirts) and also an envelope with a cd and a trade paperback. Oh, and I read today that Spandau Ballet is getting back together. (Shut up, I really used to love them. Still do, in fact.) I'd be hard pressed to come up with another recent day as swell as today turned out to be. I'm hoping tomorrow turns out to be just as nice.

And the answer to my question yesterday.... All those songs peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts. They just weren't good enough to hit #1.

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