I Killed Myself Today

Man, did I over do it. It's the beginning of a three day weekend and I've decided it's the perfect time to get things done. I slept in this morning, which was the most important thing on my "to do" list (seriously). When I got up, I signed on to the computer and started playing. But I stopped. Today was so nice out and it is probably going to be the last nice day of the summer (yeah, I know it's autumn already, but you know what I mean.) So I got ready and went out for a nice long walk. When I got home, I flipped the laundry from the washer to the dryer and then went back out to start yardwork. I raked the backyard, and in the process ripped all the skin from the base of my left thumb. I also discovered that I still have no upper arm strength. I really killed myself raking. When that was done, I mowed the lawn for probably the last time this year. I was ready to pass out by this point. I went in and Ken had finally managed to pull himself away from World of Warcraft in time to bandage up my hand and suggest lunch.

We went to a new place in town that I can't remember the name of. It was some Chicago Pizza etc place. I wasn't very impressed. At all. We were told it was a 15 minute wait when we got there. No biggie. However, the restaurant was less than 50% full. And this one waitress kept coming out to the waiting area begging them to seat someone in her section since she didn't have a single table. The food was pretty ordinary. Even less than ordinary, I think. I'm glad we went so we can now cross it off of the list of places to go in the future. Where we really wanted to go was PF Chang's, but it doesn't open until Monday. We did a drive by just in case they had a soft opening, but no such luck.

When we got home, I got right back to work. I cleaned the bedroom, started going through the summer clothes (and also all the summer clothes that are now way too big for me.) Then I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the living room and the sitting room. I'm exhausted now. I feel like I got a lot more done than I was planning. I still want to go through all the paperwork I've let accumulate over the last month or two. That's next. And tomorrow I get to re-rake the backyard. We had heavy rains this afternoon and you'd never know I raked up two big leaf bags full of leaves. Bah.

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