Happy Mother-In-Law Day

Especially you, Holly! :)

Another Sunday, another weigh in. I am 218 pounds!! It's the first time I've seen the 2-teens since the late 80s. I think it was 1988 when I went on a diet to try to lose a little bit of weight. I plateaued at 217, I believe. Couldn't get below it. Maybe it was 216. I'm not sure. But all I know is I'm so close to it. I've decided that at 215 I'm buying a box of Drumsticks and eating them all. I haven't had them in so long. But who knows if 218 is going to hold for another week. I was really expecting 220 this week. So it wouldn't surprise me to be back there again next week.

It was too cold to go out walking this morning, but I wanted to, so I drove to the mall and did an hour there before it opened. It's so amusing to me to watch all these people who are there way too early to go shopping but refuse to leave. Each lap of the mall I took I noticed that there were fewer and fewer available benches to sit on. You know, if you're going to show up at the mall and hour and a half before it opens, why not just go home or drive around or go out to breakfast instead of looking like a fool?

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