Don't Fuck With Me When Bacon Is Involved

A few months ago Ken & I went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory. I like Cheesecake Factory because it's damn tasty. I don't get the cheesecake (because I'm still not quite to my goal weight) but I do get their Cobb Salad. It's really good, it's not a terrible choice for my diet, and best of all, it's got bacon. Anyway, at this particular visit, I noticed that my salad was bacon-free. It's not the first time. It was probably the third out of the last four times that I ordered it. But this time I was really annoyed. So much so that I went to their website that night and wrote to them. Not expecting anything to come of it, I actually got home a couple nights later to find a message from the store manager on my machine. He wanted to get things straightened out. He promised that the problem would be fixed and also sent a gift card to my house. A couple weeks later we went back, I ordered my salad and all was good. The bacon was there and I was a happy boy. Until tonight. We were back, I got my salad and it was sans bacon. WTF?!? So I just wrote another letter via their website and this time it was even pissier. You don't fuck with me and my bacon!! I really don't expect to hear much from this one. I would love to get a free meal out of it, but I doubt it will happen. All I want is for my fucking salad to be prepared correctly. I don't want it done wrong because the manager is cutting corners to inflate his bonus. (I wrote that in my complaint.)

Like I said, it sounds petty, but I was annoyed.

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Nessa said...

You should say something while youre there and maybe they would comp it for you.

For reals, how hard is it to throw some damn bacon on a salad THAT COMES WITH IT!

I always order mine sans bacon cause I don't eat the pork products...

But still!