Two weeks

I broke my soda-free streak yesterday when I popped open a Diet Dr. Pepper after lunch. I made it fourteen days without a drop of carbonated goodness. I'm pretty shocked at how easy it was to do this. I'd only stopped drinking soda once before, maybe ten or twelve years ago. I remember the headaches and dragging caused by the withdrawal from caffeine. Not so much this time. Actually, none of that at all this time. I guess I proved to myself that I can do pretty much anything if I set my mind to it. Yay me.

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Just another southern gay guy said...

Diet Dr. Pepper does taste more like Dr. Pepper than Diet Coke and the rest taste like their originals. Having said that, I've gone on the wagon with you, giving up Cokes and stuff. I've had two slip ups, I had a Crown & Coke at a party two weekends ago, and one night this week I had a Wendy's Coke Float. I figure, if I'm gonna have the Coke, make the most of it with ice cream or Crown Royal. Other than that, I just try not to drink them at all.

Good luck to you on your committment.