It's a little after 1am as I write this. It's waaaaaaay past my bedtime. I really should go collapse because I'm beat. Long day.

Had my doctor's appointment this morning. He seems to think my shoulder problem is from a pinched muscle and/or nerve. He referred me to a physical therapist and I have an appointment with her on Tuesday. I hope this is all it is and she can easily fix me.

I also weighed in at the doctor. I weighed 230 (fully dressed with keys and wallet in my pockets). That's 32 pounds less than the last time I was there a few months back. I want to be in my 220s for vacation, which will happen. I'm so proud of myself.

After the doctor, I ran a couple errands and then off to the record store to give Sharon a hand. I worked for her for 9 1/2 hours tonight. Got there at 2 and left at 11:30. But I helped her put a dent in the huge repricing project she has. Naturally, since the music industry is in a tailspin, what does TransWorld do but raise the prices on thousands and thousands of cds. It disgusts me. I filled out my form for temporary work and should see a check in a week or two. I'm in no hurry. I'm happy she got approval to hire me as a temp. I would have done it for free, though.

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