Friday Night Notes

I tried posting via email from work again today. Looks like it didn't come through, which is fine. I was bitching about a scumbag cow-orker (hyphen is correctly placed, btw) is all. And I probably didn't make much sense anyway. Her scumbagginess really got on my nerves today.

The weather has been retarded this week. For the first half of the week I had the windows closed because it was so damn cold and damp out. Hell, I wore pants (as opposed to shorts) to work one day this week it was so cold. It's August. It's supposed to swelter here. Today is a completely different story. It warmed back up to normal and brought the oppressive humidity back with it. I like the warm, but not the humid. It made my walk tonight extra sweaty. Not fun.

I think I'm working tomorrow. I'm not thrilled, but I get used to the overtime money. It'll be my last Saturday for a few weeks, though. Next week there's no overtime offered. The following is the day before going to Florida. The one after that I'll be in Florida. So it's now or never.

I bought three new cds last night. The new ones by Lori McKenna, Marc Broussard and Teddy Thompson. All three are great. I spent all day listening to them.

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