I think I remember the correct address to email a posting from, but I'm not sure.  This will be the proof I need.

Anyway, I dripped the juice from the apple I had at lunch all over me today.  I just noticed that it's left stains on my shirt and shorts.  I don't want to get up from my desk now.  I'm such a slob.


Just another southern gay guy said...

I had no idea we could email in posts. Howsdatwork?

Nessa said...

I hate when I eat something and I don't notice the stain until 5 million people have seen it


Holly said...

Ok, I am notoriously messy. The solution? I carry a Tide to Go pen with me in my purse. I say bring one in and keep it in your desk. If you're anything like me, it'll save you a million times over! (I bought them in bulk at Costco-does that tell you anything?)