I got up at 5:30 this morning to get ready for work. We can go in as early as 6:30 on Saturday mornings for overtime. I try to do two consecutive Saturdays on, then the next two off, etc. Today was my second Saturday. It was extra quiet in the office. Denise, who works every Saturday was off because her son was getting married today, even though she threatened to come in since the wedding wasn't until 5 o'clock. She's the loud one. Martha, who is next, didn't come in either. Nice and quiet, just the way I like it. Until 9am. That's when the power went out. We still had the emergency lights and the air conditioning, though. For the next hour, those of us who were there hung around and chatted. Around 10 we got word that it was going to be a number of hours before everything was fixed. I was going to stay until 12:30, which would have put me at 20 hours of overtime on this time card. I have until Wednesday to make up the 2 1/2 hours I missed out on today if I want.

I went out twice today for walks. I don't usually go two times in a single day considering the problems with my feet (which I've mentioned too many times already). My first walk was when I got home from work. I figured that since I hadn't planned on being home already, I could go out for an hour or so and I'd still be home before I was suppposed to be. After we got home from dinner I went out again. I feel foolish, but we went to MJs and Mary Jo insisted we try her Pasta Fazool soup. It was delicious, I thought, but I've avoided pasta for the better part of a year. So I panicked and went to walk it off. I'm such a fucking retard sometimes (okay, most times) but I feel good about it now.

I'm so excited I have Monday off. I have another podiatrist appointment, but it's at 10am and I really don't have an excuse as to why I can't go in to work right after other than I don't want to. I never take any time off, so I deserve it. I think I've got four weeks of vacation, 3 personal days and 84 hours of comp time sitting on my time sheet right now. I deserve the day off.

Jen won the Power of Veto again today. I'm thrilled. She's annoying as all hell, but since everyone in the house hates her and she doesn't care, she makes for good tv. This makes her third consecutive week being nominated and her third consecutive week being vetoed. I love it.

And the picture is of Spandau Ballet. Why? Because I fucking love them, that's why.

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