Burn Out

I might be working on a case of Work Burn Out. So far I've managed to put in 14 hours of overtime on this time card, which is 8 days old right now. I plan on going in on Saturday this week and then kicking back for the next few weeks. I'm getting to the point where all I'm doing is working and the rest of my life is being put on hold. But it's been so damn hot and humid that I don't mind staying at work. It's too hot to do anything and I don't have central air, just window units in a couple rooms. Saturday won't be so bad, I think, because I'll still have a whole weekend after it. I have Monday off for another visit with the podiatrist. I think it's time to seriously discuss orthodics for my shoes.

I got a giant box of comics in the mail today. I'm very happy. When I finish this up, I'm climbing in bed (with the a/c blaring!!!) and I'm reading until I fall asleep.

I don't have the Big Brother live feeds (I'm too cheap and I can't justify spending even more time in front of the computer....) but I check the various websites that keep up on the feeds frequently. Tonight the HoH competition is an endurance one and it's still going on, even though the show is over. I just checked in on two of the sites I normally check and the live feeds are off line right now. Grrrrrr..... I want to know who is still in the game. I have a feeling that Jen is going to fight like hell to win HoH this week. I think Kail, who needs it, will be out soon. And I thought Daniele was going to be a contender, but just before the show went off the air, it looked like I could be wrong. I don't think Amber has a chance at winning, nor does Zach. Eric will drop out before he has a chance to win. I think this competition is going to come down to Jen and ED. That's my guess, though who knows what else they're going to throw at the houseguests before the end of the game.


Anonymous said...

you get your comics by the box??

Walt said...

I get my books through Westfield.com. Every first and third Wednesday of the month they ship me a nice box of books. That's all I meant.