Potential Parents Beware

It's a whole new me. I'm not going to bitch, piss or moan today.

So there's a rocket scientist I work with who always has wonderful words of wisdom. Always. (See how positive I am!) Last week she was talking about how certain names become so associated with certain people that they, in her words, they become "reserved." Not to put words in her mouth, I believe she meant that some names become so synonymous with the people with those names that the names sort of fall out of use. A moritorium is placed on them. She had three solid examples of names that are not used anymore. Parents just don't name their kids these names because the men who had the names are too well known. I know you're dying to know those three names. Here they are. People don't name their children Roosevelt, Jesus or Hitler anymore. Think of it. When was the last time you met someone named Hitler Liebowitz? Roosevelt Doherty? Jesus Diaz? She's got a point.

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