123 Batman/Two-Face: Face The Face Deluxe Edition

I read this back when it was originally published.  It's been over ten years, so it was definitely time to revisit it.  And thankfully, DC has collected it in a deluxe hardcover.

James Robinson has that unique ability to hook me on page one and keep me involved until the last page.  This story is no different.  

After Infinite Crisis, Batman left Gotham for a year.  While he was gone, he didn't want to leave Gotham unprotected, so he enlisted Harvey Dent, the former Two-Face.  Harvey was finally cured of being Two-Face, both mentally and physically.  And he took on the role of Gotham's protector and excelled at it.  But now Batman is back and Harvey feels like he's out of a job.  In the meantime, it appears that he's falling back into his old, criminal ways.  Some D-List Bat villains are turning up dead and all the evidence is pointing to Harvey.  Batman doesn't believe it and sets out to prove Harvey innocent.  But with everything that's going on, it's driving Harvey nuts and he's losing his grip on sanity, eventually reverting back to Two-Face.  Which is all unfortunate because Batman discovers that Harvey is indeed being set up for the crimes.

This is a fascinating story and one that I will definitely read again sometime in the future.  James Robinson is one of my heroes.

Batman/Two-Face: Face The Face Deluxe Edition
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Leonard Kirk, Don Kramer, Andy Clarke, Wayne Faucher, Keith Champagne, Michael Bair
DC Comics

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