122 Midnighter And Apollo

Let me start out with everything I don't like about this book.  The first one is kind of big.  I hate that this book is called Midnighter And Apollo and not Midnight And Apollo Vol 1.  Having no volume number suggests to me that this is it.  One volume, no follow up.

I loved everything else about this book.  Steve Orlando gets Midnighter and it's super evident.  The regular Midnighter series was so much violent fun.  This book is no different.  There are a few fight scenes where I found myself actually laughing out loud.  Midnighter is a fucking badass and he's amazing.  

This book focuses on Midnighter and Apollo getting back together.  During the Midnighter series, they have gone their separate ways, but they're working back to what they are meant to be.  Until Apollo dies.  Oops.  Midnighter isn't ready to give up, so he fights his way through Hell (literally) to save Apollo from the clutches of Neron.  And as much as I really don't like the character of Neron, I felt that this was the very first time that Neron was actually written properly.  He was interesting.  He was used correctly.  I'm ready to see him pop up again, provided Steve Orlando is writing the story.

This book is a must read.

Midnighter And Apollo
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Fernando Blanco
DC Comics

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