Hurricane Irene is heading up the east coast and we are in her path. Tonight after the gym, I headed out into the back yard to start moving the patio furniture. Since we're expecting heavy winds, Ken and I decided to put everything in the shed and garage until the storm passes. It was pitch black out when I got home, but I put on the back light and started lugging furniture to the shed. Some of the foliage back by the shed is a little overgrown and I brushed up against something with my left arm. I thought it was some sort of pricker bush or something because I immediately felt something. When I got in, I showered (still sweaty and smelly from the gym) and headed downstairs. That's when I noticed I've got a bunch of bumps on my arm. They're itchy, but not red or anything. I'm having a reaction of some sort to whatever I brushed against. Joy. Just when I finally got rid of the spider bite, now I've got this. (Did I write about the spider bite? I need to look back and see.) I'll pop a Benadryl tonight and hope that does something. I really don't want yet another trip to the doctor this soon.

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