I Got....

I got a new crown on Monday morning. My root canal was a complete success and the crown fits beautifully. When my dentist had it made, he compensated for the crown above it that screwed up my bite just the teeniest bit. My bit feels terrific now.

I got the insurance reimbursement check from the root canal yesterday in the mail. I've heard all sorts of different stories from a bunch of different people about how much the insurance reimbursement was going to be. Anywhere from 10% to $750. Most people seemed to agree it was going to be about $325. And everyone was wrong. I was quite surprised to see just over $500 was covered. Still means I had to fork over just over $400 that I wasn't planning on spending, but it's done now. I don't believe I have enough benefit left to get the other root canal I'm in need of, but I've lived this long with the tooth not behaving, I can live a couple more months.

I got a bug bite. I woke up Saturday morning to find a red rash on my right arm about the size of a quarter. I clearly was bitten by something.

I got a little concerned. Sunday, my bug bite had doubled in size. It didn't hurt and it didn't show any of the symptoms associated with a tick bite. I was a little concerned that it grew, but I figured that was it.

I got freaked out. Monday morning I woke up and in addition to the bug bite, I had a long streak running up my arm from the rash. I was out of work Monday morning for the crown, so right after I headed to the local urgent care to have it checked out. I was given some antibiotics to fight the rash and sent on my way.

I got kicked in the ass. These antibiotics are kicking my fucking ass. I tend not to feel the general side effects associated with antibiotics, so I was completely unprepared for feeling like shit. But everything I'm feeling is a typical side effect of the pills. They're potent. But they're starting to work. My rash is starting to fade. Oh, and from what the doctor said to what a few co-workers said, it's likely my bug bite was actually a spider bite. However, the spider did not appear to be radioactive and I can't climb walls, shoot webs or have a spider sense.

I got a big chuckle from the Planet of the Apes YouTube video I posted just before this blog post. It made me smile more than any recent YouTube video has. Love it.

I got more details. Ken and I have decided on and booked a place to have our makeshift reception for our wedding. I call it makeshift because it's not really a reception, but a lunch out with a few close friends who are also going to be there to witness us trading in our current lives for ones of wedded agony. :-) We've been talking a lot about wedding plans and Ken is starting to freak out a little bit. He doesn't think we've invited enough people. I both agree and disagree with him about this. I'd love to invite a lot more people to this, but that goes against two important laws we laid down first. We wanted it to be very small and intimate. And we only have a limited budget to play with. I understand we're going to get shit from a couple people about this, but I'm not going to take it. If I was in a better financial situation, I'd have a much bigger soiree.

I got a new job. I'm babysitting on Friday and I can't wait! I'm going to try my best not to be manipulated and used, but I'm sure I've already failed and it's only Tuesday.

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(F)redddy said...

Yes, you've already failed. I heard Adrian say last night, "muwah hahahaha". I think you're in trouble.