A Little Of This, A Little Of That

I'm listening to Art of Noise right now.  I haven't really paid them much attention in a really long time, but a Google+ friend just recently got back into them and was posting about it and it got me to wanting to listen again. I had forgotten how much I liked them.  It's interesting listening to them now.  I think they've aged incredibly well.  They still sound relevant even though some of this music is 25 years old.

I just got back (well, a week ago, but still...) from another vacation in Austin.  I think it's safe to say that this is now an annual thing being that this was my third August there.  I really love going there.  Not only is it a nice break from life, but it really wonderful to see my Austin family.  I never realize exactly how much I miss them  until I see them.  This year's trip wasn't going to happen.  I didn't have a solid plan to go until close to when the trip actually happened.  I've got a Southwest Airlines Visa card and every purchase on it helps to earn me free flights.  They recently changed their program and any free flights I had under the old program were going to expire.  I had one and it was going to expire in November, which is unfortunate because I don't have any travel plans until December.  So with that in mind, I decided that I couldn't just let the ticket go to waste.  And my vacation was born. 

This year's trip differed in a lot of ways from the previous two.  Freddy had the fucking nerve to get a job and started it shortly before I arrived.  I was used to having him around 24/7 for my visits.  But with him at work, I got to have a lot more solo time with his boys.  In fact, a few days before the trip, I got a text asking if I would mind babysitting the first full day I was there.  I was pretty psyched about it.  I love those little fuckers more than I can say.  And we had a pretty great day.  They never broke me down!!!

I also got to spend a little bit of time with Jed, which I hadn't really gotten much of a chance to do in the past. We got to geek out and talk about comics, play Words With Friends and talk a little bit.  I'm really happy that happened.

On the flip side of this, not everything panned out like I'd hoped.  I really didn't sit myself down and properly plan out the trip.  There were things I wanted to do and people I wanted to see, but they just didn't happen.  I'm lucky enough that I got a chance to see and spend time with my friends Diane and Gregg.  If I had actually started getting in touch with people the day I booked my flight, I might have had a little more success.  But that just gives me a reason to go back as soon as I can justify it. 

I was looking through my photos from this trip and realized that I just didn't take all that many, not like in years past.  But that makes sense.  The first year, I took hundreds and hundreds.  It was the trip of a lifetime. The second year, I still took a ton, but not as many.  This year hardly any at all.  Looking through them, I realized that there were a few things I wish I'd taken pics of.  I didn't get a single shot of Jed.  I got a few shots of me and the boys and there are a couple of Freddy, but not a whole lot.

Adrian, my and my sunglasses.  I hate that he looks so much better in them than I do.

Me and the boys.  It took about twenty or so attempts to get one decent picture of the three of us.  Adrian and I were doing pretty good until Hurricane Nathan blew in.  He finally sat still enough for this picture, which I love.

This bumper sticker made me laugh.

This print was hanging in the guest room.  I instantly fell in love with it.  I tried to decipher the artist's signature, but it's one bit scribble.  Jed couldn't remember the name of the guy.  I'm bummed because I think it's so great.  If anyone recognizes it, let me know.  I want to get one and see what else the artist has available.

I don't know what the hell I'm doing in this picture, but I know Diane is looking HAWT!

Another picture I LOVE.  

I took my fair share of food pictures, but I didn't photograph everything I ate.  I'm a little bummed now that I missed a few things.  Here is a burrito from Chuy's.  It was so good, but a little light on the chicken.  The sauce more than made up for it, though.

I look forward to a fried avocado when I'm in Texas.  I got mine at Torchy's Tacos when Jed, the boys and I went out to breakfast.  This is just one big basket of love.

The white trash in my couldn't get enough of these cheese topped tater tots.  

And if the tots weren't enough, how can you go wrong with corn dogs?

Gregg came up with a fantastic idea.  When it's 107 degrees in Austin, what better is there to do than to go underground?  We hit Inner Space Cavern.  It was a glorious 72 degrees and out of the sun.  

After dinner cocktails.

On Wednesday Jed and the boys left for Galveston and I was on my own for the afternoon.  I ended up walking all over town.  I had a blast.  I hit the book store, then the comic shop, then hiked across town to get frozen yogurt, went to the toy store, stopped by Nathan's school and then headed home.  I was in sandals and my feet got filthy.  Why I felt the need to take a picture is anyone's guess, but I did.

Just as we were leaving for the airport to drop me off, I realized I didn't have my sunglasses.  I ran back in and did a quick search, but couldn't find them.  I was hoping that I packed them by mistake.  A few hours after I left, I got this picture via text.  Glasses found!  I left them out on the back deck.  I still have no recollection of taking them off there, but that was the only place I didn't look.  D'oh!

Going home from Austin always sucks.  I'd be a liar if I said I didn't cry, but I think I did much better with "goodbye" than I have in years past.  But yeah, I still cried.  But the sadness turned pretty quickly to extreme annoyance.  My flight home was a little more involved than anticipated.  I flew from Austin to Orlando and then Orlando to home.  My flight home was supposed to get in at 10:20 Friday night.  When I got to Orlando, I found that my flight was delayed.  I figured it was going to be maybe 30 minutes late or some such bullshit.  Instead I was told that my flight wasn't going to depart Orlando until 10:20, the same time I was supposed to arrive home.  I wasn't counting on a couple extra hours in the airport, but I tried to make the best of it.  I got pizza, candy and found a comfy seat to read comics in.  And I thought the two hour delay getting to Austin was bad!

I love my Austin family.  I don't think I really show them this enough, though I'm sure I'll be told I'm being ridiculous for saying that.  

And to add to the continuing theme of the last few posts I've had, today I hurt myself.  I managed to pull a muscle in my chest.  I don't do this very often, but when I do, it hurts like hell.  I was changing the sheets this morning when I did it.  It hurt, but wasn't too bad.  Until I grabbed the laundry to bring upstairs.  I made it worse and now it hurts like a bitch.  If this goes as it usually does, it'll take a day or two before I feel back to normal.  Seriously, can I please stop hurting myself already?

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