Just noticed that I'm very close to 1,000 posts on this little blog thingie. How the hell did that happen?

Anyway, I've been itching to write about my life the last two weeks or so, but just haven't had the time. Tonight I've got the time, but not much motivation, so this will undoubtedly be short.

I've been home from Texas for a few days now and it feels like my feet hit the ground running since getting off the plane. I was planning a quiet and relaxing weekend to ease myself back into life, but that didn't happen. Lots of errands all weekend long led straight into a hectic work week. The first week back from vacation is always pretty busy. I've got this kid who covers the most important part of my job while I'm away and it's rare that he ever does much of it. This time was no difference. I spent all day Monday and part of today catching up the work he chose not to do as well as some of his work because he never bothered showing up yesterday. And another peer's work because he was out sick. Then there was the one/two punch of work stoppage. Management threw an ice cream social for us today as a thank you for the amount of work accomplished in the last year. By the time that was dwindling down, the earthquake hit and that caught everyone off guard.

My internal clock is still not quite adjusted back to where it should be. Too many late nights in Texas and too many early mornings here at home.

I hate having so much going on right now, too. But vacation is now behind me, I've got a few weekends with plans coming up, we're working on refinancing our mortgage and the wedding (ours, and then three different sets of friends soon after) coming up. Oy.

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