Today was such a great, quiet day.  It's the first weekend that I had no plans (well, except to bring Lucy to the groomer to get her nails did), no obligations, no anything.  It was fantastic, but not long enough.  Back in the old house, my typical Saturday began with me cleaning the house top to bottom, then goofing off the rest of the day. This is the first Saturday since being in this house that I got to do just that.  Ken had plans with our neighbor to go up to the Saratoga Showcase of Homes, something I had less than zero interest in.  Once he was out of the house, I got to work.  The kitchen, living room, dining room, sitting room, bedroom, guest rooms.... all done.  The only things I didn't do were the bathrooms and my office.  The bathrooms could use a once over, but my office is mostly good as is.  Just a little straightening is needed.  Anyway, I ran a few errands and then spent the afternoon going through old pictures and scanning them.  

Tomorrow I need to motivate and get out and walk.  I've started slacking off this week.  Sure, it's due to the weather, but still.  And I have tried compensating by working out with the Wii.  Which, by the way, has handed me my ass all three times I've done it.

The other night I mentioned to Ken that I'm thinking about joining a gym.  Not because I want him to join with me (though that would be great), but more so that I've said it out loud and it's out there in the universe.  I have  gym phobia that I need to get over.  And I know that once I get into a routine, I'll feel much better about it.

That's all.

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