Last week was pretty fucking bad, all the way around.  I'm glad it's over and I'm hoping for the best from the upcoming week, but I'm not going to get too excited.  You know how things tend to fall apart.

So what made last week so bad?  Well, it started slowly and built up over the course of the week.  Monday was actually pretty good, which surprises me because Mondays generally blow.  Tuesday, however, I got up and did my morning routine as usual only to come downstairs to feed the cats and find a surprise they left me.  A mouse. Well, that's not entirely accurate.  It was most of a mouse.  The bottom half of the mouse.  On the kitchen floor.  And the heart (and other guts) on the family room floor.  The head is still missing.  

Wednesday is when things really started sucking.  FrankenKlinger, the prescription drug abusing skank whore who sits near me decided it was my turn to take her bullshit.  She was already at work when I got there (a rarity), standing up in her cube watching for me to arrive.  I thought that was weird, but she's a retard and I dismissed it.  Apparently she was waiting for me to see my reaction to the perfume she sprayed in my cube.  She didn't get her reaction right away.  It took me an hour or so before my allergic reaction to it kicked in.  At this point I still didn't know what was going on.  I thought some douchebag decided to spray themselves and I was catching the overflow.  I thought that until a co-worker stopped at my cube.  She said I smelled pretty and I told her that someone sprayed them self.  She sniffed around and said that no one did that.  The smell is coming from my cube and isn't noticeable anyplace else.  I stewed about it for a little while before finally contacting HR.  I have no proof that it's her, but about every three months, knowing I have allergies to a lot of perfumes, she likes to do it anyway.  And she's good at her game.  She makes sure no one is around.  She knows how to play the game.  That left me pretty miserable, but talking to HR, knowing there really isn't much they can do, helped.  Thursday I had another reaction because the fragrance was still in my cube.  Friday again.  And Friday I went to my floor's director to talk to him about it, again knowing not much will be done, but he made a point of meeting with the managers in my area who are supposed to keep her under control.  Like I keep saying, there's no proof that she did it, but she absolutely did it.  It's been a while since I've been a victim of her bullying, so I guess it was just my turn.  I find it most ironic that she chose the Wear Purple For The Victims of Bullying day to do it.

Earlier in the week, Ken wanted to make plans to go out to dinner with our neighbors on Friday.  I hate going out on Friday nights, but I've been agreeable to all the plans he's been making over the last few months.  Not this time.  Friday nights are the one night of the week that all I want to do is finish up work, go home and unwind.  I'm usually exhausted from the work week.  I go in a couple hours early every day and it catches up with me.  So he changed the plans to Saturday night.

We meet the neighbors at the restaurant only to find they lost our reservation.  Joy.  Ken put up a stink and they got us a table.  Dinner was great.  Afterwards, we stopped at Target for a little shopping.  On the way out, I had a slight twinge in my back.  I didn't think anything of it, just that it was probably a sciatic twinge.  Within minutes, I was starting to hurt.  And then felt nauseous.  I was really feeling like crap.  I just wanted Ken to get home.  I made him stop talking.  Got home and headed for the bathroom, thinking maybe if I went, I'd feel much better.  Only I didn't.  It kept getting worse.  The pain in my back was increasing exponentially.  I felt like I had to go the bathroom, but I couldn't.  I started sweating.  My temperature dropped.  All the color went out of my face.  I was a mess.  Ken called 911 and got an ambulance to the house asap and I was taken out by stretcher.  They gave me something for the pain in the ambulance which did absolutely nothing.  Long story short, turns out I had a kidney stone.  And it was the single most painful thing I've ever experienced.  You hear people say that, and now I believe them.  I was in the ER until about 3 am Saturday night.  I didn't sleep more than 15 minutes at a stretch the rest of the night.  

The stone has now passed and it amazes me something that small can cause pain that big.  I took today off from work to rest up.  I have an appointment with the specialist next week to find out what I can do to decrease the chances of another one.  My kidney still feels a little tender, which I guess is to be expected.  But otherwise, I feel so much better.  I will never take for granted not being in pain ever again. 

Here's hoping to a better week.

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Nessa said...

AHHHH! Gowd I am so glad youre ok! :(

Fuck frankenklinger and fuck kidney stones!

Love you though!