I Ran

Not just a song by A Flock Of Seagulls, but something I did this week for the first time.  I ran.  Since I started my diet four years ago, the only real form of exercise I've done is walking.  I walk and I walk and I walk.  I've walked over 500 years this year so far and I'm still going.  Something I've tried on occasion with much failure is running.  I thought that after four years of walking, I would have developed some stamina.  I walk at almost 5 mph after all.  But I've never been able to go more than 1/10 of a mile or so.  This week at the gym, I started off walking on the treadmill like usual, then slowly increased my speed until I was running.  The first day I tried, I ran for 1/2 mile, then slowed back down to a walk, then ran again for 3/4 of a mile.  And I felt good.  Really good.  So good that when I went back last night, I wanted to run again.  This time I walked for a while, then ran for 1/2 mile, walked, ran for 3/4 mile, then walked and then another 1/2 miles.  Again, when I was done, I felt really, really good.  I was sore as hell, but I felt good.  

Today, though, I hurt.  There are muscles in your legs that you don't normally use except for running, I suppose.  My legs are really, really, really sore today.  I over did it and I'm paying for it today.  And my feet hurt, too.  My shoes are great for walking in, but I'm guessing they aren't designed for running.  I hope I didn't fuck my feet up already.  It's going to kill me to try and chill out until they feel better.  I'm just getting into this and to have to stop because I hurt my foot is not good.

One thing I've always been wary about running is whether or not it was going to screw up my sciatic nerve.  So far, so good with it.  It's been achy for a little while, but it's neither better nor worse after running.  I'm pretty psyched about that.  I don't like that it's achy in my lower back right now.  If it has to talk to me, I'd much prefer it to be in my hip.  There it's most bearable.

The other thing I've been doing is I'm back on the EA Sports Active for the Wii.  I started on the 2nd of October and have been trying to do it every night, but I haven't been as on top of it as I should be.  The premise behind it is you do a 30 day workout.  It's actually 20 days of exercise and 10 days of rest.  Two days on, one day off.  I knew last week was going to be hard with all the running around I had to do and going away, so I did the first three and then I was off of it for 5 days.  Since getting home Sunday, I've been doing it every night.  Tonight I got about half way through it when I realized I was doing the same workout as yesterday.  For some reason, it didn't save yesterday's workout.  It only recorded a rest day.  Now I'm yet another day behind.  I've had 6 rest days according to the game.  I only have four left.  It's getting easier each day, which is good.  When I first started it up, it was handing me my ass on a platter.  

I'm really trying to get serious with my health.  I'm sick of getting on the scale and not being happy with what it says, even though it says things that a perfectly sane person would love to hear.  I know I'm really much too hard on myself, but as I've said in the past, I think that if I start giving myself a little slack, that slack will lead to a little more and then to a little more and then I'll be 300 lbs again.

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