The titles of these posts are getting really original and revealing, huh?

So thanks to everyone who piped in on the hairspray incident at work yesterday. In this particular circumstance, taking it all the way up to Human Resources didn't seem appropriate. I was pretty sure the incident was just a cow-orker being a clueless dolt. If this was something that was done on purpose, I'd have no problem taking it straight to the top. There's one person I sit around who would do something like this on purpose and I know it wasn't her (this time.) I was mostly fine the first hour of work today before I started reacting to the hairspray that was still lingering. We have terrible circulation in my office, even though the building management will argue I'm wrong to it's last breath. After about an hour of itching, I decided to just send an email around to the people who sit in my vicinity saying that most are aware I have allergies to perfumes and hair sprays and that I've been having a reaction to something that was sprayed yesterday. I asked that if someone needs to spritz, could they kindly take it to the rest room to prevent future discomfort. About an hour after I sent my email, the guilty culprit, who was still completely cluess, gave me something that was sort of, kind of, almost but not quite an apology. She said she knew it wasn't her because she always uses the rest room. Always. But sometimes she'll find a strand that's out of place and give it a quick spritz at her desk, even though she never does it at her desk, blah blah blah. And then she thanked me for sending the email around. All I care about is everyone is back to being informed and I'll probably have a good three or four months before someone does it again. And yes, we have rules against such things, but I work with animals who really don't care.

In other work news, we had a unit meeting today and I tend not to speak up at these. But something got into me today. Something very unlike me. At the end of the meeting is a go-around where everyone has a chance to say or ask or bring up something they see fit to. Usually when it's my turn, all I say is that Alison looks very pretty today and then it's on to the next person. But Alison was out today, so instead I said that since Alison was absent and I couldn't tell her exactly how pretty she is, I have an actual issue to bring up. And then I went off for about five minutes how annoyed and irritated I am at one of the clerks who has made a fine art out of taking a simple, hour long job of sorting and delivering mail into a two and a half day ordeal. I told Linda, his supervisor, that my opinion is that she needs to sit him down and talk to him. I said to her that I understand doing work gets in the way of him standing around doing nothing for hours at a time, but enough is enough. I really don't know what got into me. I don't like to rock the boat, but here I am giving it my best to tip the boat over. I know nothing will come of this, but it made me feel good to get it off my chest. And I had two different people come up to me after the meeting telling me that (a) they couldn't believe that came out of me and (b) they were proud of me for doing it and I need to do it more often. And both these people I respect.


Breenlantern said...

SO I should spray my bouffant BEFORE lunch tomorrow, not during it? You are getting SO high maintenance...

Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

I work with Re-re's and other 'Special' types who have to be reminded on a regular basis to bathe, use deodorant, flush the toilet, that only #1, #2 & TP go down the toilet, to wash their hands and/or that the sinks at work do not have garbage disposals so don't put anything but soap & water down them.

And unlike certain cushy State employees, we have quotas, because the company gets paid by how much gets done. And if you don't do your share of the shit, you're moved down to staple pulling or fired.

I have no idea exactly how large your office is (haven't pinned down the floor plans yet) but I've done temp work and got trained to be a substitute for rural mail carriers. It does not take 2.5 days for one person to do mail unless its' for a freakin' Manhattan skyscraper and they deliver it by the truckload.

Mouthbreathers like that should be kicked to the curb while those of who can't get a foot in the door slave away, somehow managing somehow to Redact 3000+ documents in a day or process a 1000 transcripts.

(F)redddy said...

Good lord. Who knew you were so high maintenance? Oh yeah, me. Bygones.