How Did It Get To Be Wednesday Already?

I love these fake Monday holidays. What was it this week? President's Day or some such bullshit? It means a day off of work and the rest of the week becomes a blur because you're convinced it's actually Monday when it's Tuesday, Tuesday when it's Wednesday, etc. etc. It feels like it still should be Tuesday and I'm not complaining about that. If only every week could be like that. I used to hate the Monday holidays back when I worked retail. Mondays were sheer hell until about dinner time when every state worker felt the need to descend on the store and be ultra needy. There was something about these holidays that brought out the needy in people. In the twenty years I worked retail, I could never quite figure it out I still wonder about it. The only thing I could figure, and I'm sure I'm way off, is that without the normal Monday structure, everyone was lost and couldn't think for themselves. I mean, it's as good a reason as any, right?

I'm starting to get overwhelmed by television. Right now it seems like there's too much on tv for me to watch. I have something on almost every night of the week now. And most all of it is pure trash. I Love Money 2 (which, I'm sad to say, I think is my favorite show right now), American Idol, The Biggest Loser, Lost, Top Chef, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, Confessions Of A Teen Idol, Rock of Love 3, the Celebrity Apprentice (starting soon), Guiding Light.... Almost everything I watch is a reality show right now. Scripted stuff doesn't really hold my attention unless it's really good, like Lost, or trashy fun like Guiding Light. I've been watching that show since I was in elementary school. It would be on when I got home from school and I'd watch it with my mom. Then I found I was still watching it even if my mother wasn't around. I tend to come and go when it comes to my soaps, but right now it's been pretty damn good. Phillip Spaulding is back in town and things are heating up. Like you care.... Anyway, there's getting to be too much tv on that I want to watch. I'm learning not to watch things live and that saves time. For instance, last night's American Idol (the first one I've watched this season, incidentally. The auditioning process is too annoying for me to watch anymore) was a two hour show that I managed to watch in about 20 minutes. Same thing goes for the Biggest Loser. That's another two hour show that I can get through in about 30 minutes. And the VH-1 shows are notoriously commercial heavy. Even without fast forwarding through the action, a one hour show is probably 35 minutes tops.

I had lunch today with my friend Sean. This was our third date and I felt terrible about it. I've been in a not-so-good place for the last few days and I was afraid my mood was going to bring things down. So, in the neurotic way that's charmingly me, I shot him an email right after lunch apologizing for ruining what should have been an otherwise fun time. Of course he sent me a virtual bitch slap and then I felt all better. Sean's such a stand up guy, he's a lot of fun to be around and I'm so happy we're becoming good friends. One of the things I wanted to talk about was arranging a double date night so that we could meet each other's spouses. The hour (AGAIN!) slipped away in about 20 minutes and it didn't happen. When I got back to the office, I got picked on a little only because I never go out to lunch. But I'm training my girls. One of them, rather than picking on me asked if I was out on another "boy date." For some reason "boy date" cracks me up. That's what I've been referring to my lunches out as.

As I just mentioned, I've been in a not-so-good place for the last few days. I really didn't realize how upset and stressed out I've been until I noticed the effect it's been having on my health. When I get to where I am right now, I've got certain health issues that present themselves that usually lie dormant most of the time. When things start happening at work or when I'm out shopping, I get really nervous. And that's been happening. Sorry to be so vague, but while I tend not too hold back here too much, I don't really feel the need to broadcast every single thing that's wrong with me. Hell, maybe it'll be fun to guess what the hell is going on with me and post your guesses in the comments section. Anyway, that being said, I need to look out for my own well being. I'm trying to remove myself from situations that are causing the stress and anxiety. While I don't need the things that make me feel like shit about myself (and who does), I absolutely don't need the things that are causing the stress to mainfest in my physical being.

And before I forgot, I have a special message for Ricci and for Candy. You two..... (This is where I point and shake my finger at you both) You really know how to take a shitso day and turn it around. ::Great Big Hugs::


Breenlantern said...

I will try to do a better job of cheering you up next time so Ricci and Candy don't get all the credit :-)

I had a good time today, as always. I love you, nut bag issues and all.

MattyNNY said...

Don't worry-it's embarassing, but I get the stress-induced hangnails too... Love you, and take care of yourself!