It's Sunday night and I just finished dinner. I'm stuffed. I made a chicken, sweet potatoes, peas and dinner rolls. I tried not to overdo it, but I'm sitting here contemplating passing out. The sweet potatoes I bought were HUGE and I think that's part of my problem, because I ate the whole damn thing. And to make matters worse, I overdid it with dessert. I made a brownie/chocolate pudding sundae. I made up a thing of Trader Joe's brownies this morning and I wanted one, but I also wanted pudding, so I had both. Thank god I had a positive weigh in this morning because I'm going to be fighting the rest of the week to keep things in check. Actually, today's weigh in was a milestone. It's the first time I had three consecutive weeks where I weighed in in the 180s. This week and last were both 189, but the week before was 188. I was surprised as hell today considering I got a pint of ice cream last night and devoured more than half the calories I'm supposed to eat in a day in a matter of minutes.

I know it's Oscar night, but I really don't care. I have the Amazing Race and the finale of Confessions of a Teen Idol. Rock of Love 3 isn't on tonight, which is fine.

As for tasks I hoped to accomplish this weekend (okay, there was just one), I managed to dig out my Secret Society of Super-Villains from the bedroom closet and I got 4 issues in before I took an afternoon nap. I hoped to read all 15 issues, but it didn't happen. I'm giving myself the rest of the week to finish them up. They're just as cheesily bad as I remember them, and by that I mean they're AWESOME!


Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

Often, when I'm looking for single serving aka reasonably sized yams/sweet potatoes, I go to a smaller deli/markets like Ryan's Produce (behind Target on Railroad Ave) or Sorrentino's.

They're also good for reasonably priced/sized fruit and meat than you'd get at Price Chopper.

Breenlantern said...

don't dis my ssosv...i can only imagine what you think of the original superfriends series...

Walt said...

Kimichi, I purposely bought sweet potatoes that big on Sunday morning. I didn't need to eat the whole damn thing, but it was sooooo good. I've never been to Ryan's Produce. I should check it out sometime.

Sean, I would never dis SSoSV. It's cheesy and it's bad and I LOVE it. Reading it brings me back to a happier, more innocent time. Kind of ironic considering I'm reading about villains.