I'm sitting here beating myself up. I've been a gluttonous pig and I don't know why. Today was the day I was supposed to get my bad self back under control, stay away from the shit and refocus. But it didn't quite happen. First of all, with my willpower pretty low, I passed by a bowl full of Hershey's mini chocolate eggs. I grabbed a few. They weren't very good at all, yet I ate a few. And then I had a couple more. Okay, not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I know better than to get all hopped up on sugar first thing in the morning. I had a sensible lunch (big ass salad, apple and popcorn) and it filled me up. So, not being very hungry for dinner, what do I grab? A left over biscuit from last night's dinner and a big ass brownie. Now, I wasn't even hungry, but having the brownies in the house pretty much negates any willpower I might have. Again, it teaches me that I can't be trusted to have shit in the house. This morning I was up 2 pounds from yesterday. That's a result of the ice cream from Saturday night. I'm scared for tomorrow morning because I'll see the results of the brownies and pudding I had last night. I need to refocus tomorrow. After all, I can't be as big as a house for my next date with Sean (on Thursday). He'll dump me quicker than you can say "fat ass."

Can I talk about inconsiderate people for a moment? Yeah, this is about work, where I work with nothing but people who are nothing but self-involved that they don't think of the effect their actions might have on others. I sit near a supervisor who decided that her hair wasn't doing what it was supposed to do today. So, at her desk, she emptied a bottle of cheap smelling hairspray onto her head. While normally I wouldn't give a crap, the cheap stuff she used was floral based and I had an immediate allergic reaction to it. My eyes became all glassy, my head started throbbing and my skin started turning red. And I got to sit there and breathe it in all day. I left work three hours ago and my right eye is still itchy and dry, but the headache is nearly gone and I only have a couple of red blotches on my cheeks. Is it asking too much to wish she would have gone into the restroom to do her hair up? Am I out of line for wishing that?


Breenlantern said...

I promise to love your ass no matter how big it gets...and it'll give me an excuse to wear my "I'm with the fat chick" t-shirt to lunch Thursday.

You know where my head is at right now with my weight and I'm feeling your gain pain. We shall commiserate and support as only BFFs can...tomorrow is another chance to be successful, sweety. Hang in there.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Oh God....we are sharing a brain again. I just read your blog after writing in *my* blog what a fat disgusting pig I am. LOL! Well, pigs of a feather, you know!?!

Kimichi Tsuzuku said...

Wow... and I thought I had it bad when they shift me to a seat between two hardcore smokers when just the fumes coming off them makes my sinuses ache for the rest of the day.

And no, you're not out of line for wishing that she had fixed her hair in the bathroom (where there's supposed to be ventilation). You should have documented your reaction and brought it to the attention of HR or the equivalent. That could count as a hostile work environment in any PC-sensitive office.

Many offices have a anti-odor policy against excessive perfume/cologne or BO. Mine does, and the managers or the owner will go over and check offenders and write them up or send them home.

I work with a total bubble-girl (allergic to everything including water & air) and don't think for a minute that we wouldn't rat out a stinker for such offenses.

wcs said...

Well, that's just effin' inconsiderate.

Next time, be prepared: find some really stinky take-out food and place the bag on your desk for an hour or two. And re-heat it in the microwave when it cools down.

Don't eat it. Or, if you do, pass a lot of gas. ;)

(F)redddy said...

Not only is it not unreasonable for you to want her to do her 70's hair in the bathroom, many company policies have rules specifically related to this. You should check with your HR and report her.

Kevin Bee said...

Another thing you could do is ask her to go to the bathroom and fix her hair.

I dont see the need in reporting her to HR. That is a bit extreme.