I posted a blog from work today, or so I thought. It never made it to blogspot, though. At work, I can only email in a blog post as opposed to going to blogspot to make the same post. Blogspot is blocked. So I was in the heat of some anger and whipped up a quickie post. What happened was this. The skank ass whore that I sit near, knowing full well I have allergies to a number of perfumes, bathed in some disgusting dollar store fragrance which I had an allergic reaction to. My eyes stayed red for the entire day and my headache is just now subsiding. Rather than confront her like I probably should have, I took the passive aggressive approach (which I'm much better at.) Whenever anyone would stop by my desk, they'd comment on how terrible I looked and I would reply, not in my indoor voice, that someone is doused in perfume and I'm having a terrible allergic reaction to it. I made a point of making sure she heard it a number of times. And because I'm petty, I decided to go pay a visit to the director's office. He's a very cool guy and we're damn lucky to have him. Anyway, I went in and asked if he remembered the reminder email he sent out a few months ago about people being considerate to co-workers who have allergies to scents and flowers. I simply told him that my cubemate bathed in perfume that I'm allergic to and would it be a bother to send out another reminder because I'm not looking to cause trouble. He knew exactly who I was talking about and was happy to oblige. He's really great. The email hit after she left but before I did, so I know she'll see it tomorrow. Not that it will do much good, at least immediately, because I'm going to end up reacting to what's left in the air.


Michael in Stuttgart said...

I love passive aggression :)

I have the same problem here, a co-worker smells like old fish, because she does not use soap or enough water. The other women in the office tell me that it is her moomoo (I should I put this nicely). Ewwww - I don't want to know. We don't want to touch that area but we have decided to let her know somehow, because the stench is overwhelming.
I hope she won'T use cheap parfume to cover it, because I am allergic to that too and I hate itchy eyes. Poor Walt, just run her over with your car.

Michael in Stuttgart said...

oops, I am stil dizzy from the aftermath - (how could I have put this nicely?) was what I tried to say. Sorry, I am grammatically retarded

Michael in Stuttgart said...

there is a stench out of her cunt - was what I meant, but how does one say this less offensive? What the heck, that was what I meant