Another Poopy Post

I'd ask if we could press the reset button on today, but I don't even want to try and relive it. Let's just write it off and start fresh tomorrow. It gets us one day closer to the weekend anyway. Three day weekends are my friends.

Anyway, let's recap, shall we?

~Had the shittiest night of sleep. Couldn't fall asleep to save my life.
~Woke up with this sore throat still with me. Bah.
~Ken slept through his alarm and had a freak out attack when he finally woke up. Luckily he got me to work on time.
~Go out to the car only to discover that everything in Ken's car was piled up on his front seat. ~Someone broke into the car looking for money. Didn't appear to take anything. They also got my car. Everything in it was piled in my driver's seat. All the change in the armrest is now owned by a crackhead.
~Ran into FrankenKlinger in the lobby of the building. Actually didn't actuall run into her, but saw her standing at the security desk chatting up the security guards (instead of up at her desk). I did an about face and found a different staircase to climb to get to work. Crisis averted.
~Got to listen to the usual bitching and moaning of my co-workers. (Sure, this isn't anything different from any other day, but I just wasn't in the mood today.)
~Someone (yes, FrankenKlinger, you) was wearing a perfume I am allergic to and my eye broke out like it tends to do when confronted with toxic perfumes.

Things seemed to get better after I finally popped some cold medicine. Probably because the whole world went fuzzy. Fuzzy can be good.

Right now I'm exhausted and I am going to climb into bed. Sure, it's only 9 o'clock, but I'm that tired. I'll probably fall asleep watching Project Runway, but that's okay. I've gotten used to watching it on Thursday nights after work.


erik98122 said...

You really do deserve a 3 day weekend! Hope you get rid of those cooties quick!

(F)redddy said...

That totally sucks your cars got violated. I drive a Jeep with no top (and most times no doors) and a motorcycle. I learned a LONG time ago to keep nothing I can't live without in either. Hope your week gets better.

Melanie said...

Fucking thieves. That happened to me two years ago -- bastard got away with my change drawer (actually yanked it out of the car dashboard), my CDs and my radar detector. Makes one want to electrify one's car door, it does.

Lauren said...

I work with a Frankenklinger type. She wears knit dresses (...with belts...) from JCPenney circa 1987...has a Dooney & Bourke purse circa 1977 (um, no REALLY...believe me, I know my purses) And a helmet head of icky salt and pepper hair. A kackle of a laugh like a witch. And she insists on complaining about the "new" paper towel dispensers (they've been there a year) every time I see her in the bathroom. I'm mean because she's beyond stupid.