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Look at this. Two day in a row. Can you stand it?

So I took today off from work. I didn't really have much planned for the day other than a quick stop in at the doctor's office. I slept in, which felt amazing. I never allow myself to do that. At 9:30 I had to force myself out of bed. I wanted to get to the doctor early and then run a few errands. I synced my iPod because I knew there would be a ton of new podcasts today (there were ten), jumped in the shower and was out of the house by ten. I only live about a mile away from the doctor, so I was there a couple minutes after ten, but then I sat there. And sat. And sat. For forty-five minutes. All I wanted to do was have a tech draw a vial of blood. It put me in a really foul mood. My entire visit should have been ten minutes. Instead it was almost an hour. And I left the iPod in the car because I didn't think I'd get much of a chance to listen to it.

After the doctor I headed to the vet to pick up more food for Lucy. She's on a special prescription diet that I can only get at the vet's office. I wanted to get three different flavors, but they were out of the venison variety. Of course they were because of the three that she can have, it's her favorite. Not saying that she likes any of the varieties, but she hates that one the least. They used to also make it in rabbit, but that's been discontinued. That's the other flavor she would eat without putting up too much of a fuss. I'm trying to stock up on the food now because when we're on vacation, my friend Carol is going to be coming over to feed them. It's easier for her if she feeds both cats the same food. Ollie has his own food, but Lucy can't have it and it tends to be a pain for others to try and feed them both different foods. So vacation time means Ollie gets to have Lucy's food, which is perfectly safe for him to have. He'd be eating it everyday if it wasn't so damn expensive.

I went to the mall after getting the food. I needed a top up card for my cell phone and I decided to browse while I was there. I ended up buying a couple of new shirts (they aren't XLT, just XL, but they were on clearance for $3 and they fit fine... I just prefer them to be a little longer since my torso is a little longer than most) and a new pair of shorts. And not just any shorts. I am now officially in a size 34! Remember, I started out in a size 44 two Augusts ago. This is huge for me. I tried them on and they weren't snug at all. They fit with just a little bit of give. You have no idea what this did for my psyche. I also picked up a new swim suit. I don't have one and I don't really need one, but I thought it would be a good idea for vacation coming up. We're going over to Ryan's house after dinner on the Friday night we're there and just in case I want to swim, I'll have a suit. If not, it doubles as a pair of shorts.

And speaking of vacation... Ken sent me an email from work today. One of my favorite rides is closing two days before we arrive for refurbishment. I'm annoyed. I love the Primeval Whirl ride over in Animal Kingdom. It's one of those rides I can go on over and over again. Ken hates it, so I ride solo, which I don't mind. One year the park was slow enough that I was able to ride it repeatedly without having to get off. Love that! (I'm trying to upload a picture of the ride to this post, but blogger keeps giving me an error message. Bah!)

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