Sunday Rage Is Now Gone

I've calmed down since last night's adventures with the faulty Flip Video camera. It took me all of last night and a few hours today, but I finally got the camera to be recognized by my computer long enough to get the videos off the camera and onto the computer. A little while ago I received an email from the makers of the Flip Video camera saying they'll be sending me out a return authorization so I can get one that works. Good. This just means I won't have it for my trip to the Orlandos in a week and a half. Sadsies. Anyway, the clips are off the camera and Ken has volunteered to take what footage we have and try to make a video out of it. We'll see.

Anyway, I was going to post a little about this weekend. I had such a great time. I was expecting to, but it turned out to be even more fun that I thought it would be. I climbed into bed on Friday night really, really early. I had the alarm set for 5:30 on Saturday morning. Luckily I was tired enough on Friday night to be asleep relatively early. The train ride down was really nice. The train car we were in was 90% empty. For a little while, we were the only ones in the whole car. The closer to the city we got, the more nervous I got. At one point, the nerves started to go but were replaced with nausea. Got to the city at 9:30 in the morning and headed off to Holly's hotel. I don't know if it showed or not, but I was nervous as shit meeting her face to face. In fact, once in her hotel room, I was shaking. I think Ken managed to distract her enough for me to regain my composure. After a quick visit that included candy, we went off to meet Eric, Jed & (F)reddy and start eating cupcakes. Larry joined us shortly thereafter and we hiked around from cupcake shop to cupcake shop. I love cupcakes.

At 3 we were due at the official meet & greet. We ended up with just over a dozen people in all. Joe came in from Philly, StevyB drove up from Baltimore, Kevin & Brian came in from Danbury, Robert, British John and David B & Leon (forgive me if that's not his name) all came in from different parts of the city. It was a whole lot of fun. After lunch, we all headed over to Posh, which was cool. The place was empty and we took over the big comfy couches at the back of the place. This went on for a good long time until people started to leave. The group kept getting smaller and smaller as the night went on. Eventually, Ken and I had to leave, too, and meet up with friends we were staying with.

The next morning, Ken & I, our hosts George & Steve, Holly, British John and J Z (thank you again for your generous gift!!! Can't wait to watch it all!) all met up for brunch. Holly & I split my Monte Cristo (which was okay) and her cheeseburger (which was delicious) and a piece of chocolate mousse cake (which was out of this world). We poked around the city for a little bit before Ken & I needed to get our train home.

The weekend was exhausting, but in the best way possible. Everyone was amazingly cool. I regret not going down earlier to hang out some more. (F)reddy, next time we meet up, I'm getting drunk with you. It's in print now, so you have to hold me to it.

Me on the train. I'm sleepy.

Look who I found!

(F)reddy and me.

Someone knows how to enjoy a cupcake.

You, me and cupcake makes three.

I will marry this man someday, our respective partners be damned.

Joe! and I. Between the two of us, we've lost the Olsen twins, weight-wise. And a little bit more. We rule the school!

I love me some Larry Klye. So back off Ryan Star Jones and Miss Wes!!!

Look at all those beautiful people. Oh, and (F)reddy, too.

What could be tastier than a Walter sandwich with a slice of Kevin and a slice of (F)reddy?

Sunday brunch

The perfect bowling ball bag for the Superbee. Don't you think?

The fabulous Steve & Gus

I threw a bunch more pictures up on my Facebook page. If you're a friend of mine on the Facebooks, please check the rest out. Blogger is taking too long to throw any more pictures up her. LOL!


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Awesome! Fabulous pics! If anyone wants to see more, (and why would you?) you can go to my blog at www.fairyprincessholly.blogspot.com

I am so happy I met you! You are such a great friend, and I love you! :)

Nessa said...

I am so glad you went and had a great time Walt! Looks like you had a fabulous time! And I can't believe everyone who showed up. That's fantastic.

Melanie said...

You look like you all had so much fun! And Joe -- OMG, he was hot before but now he is Teh HAWT. Good on both of you, pumpkins!

(F)redddy said...

And I'm totally going to hold you to it!

Wes said...

Looks like you had a great time! Walt, I'm still so astonished how skinny you look when I see old pictures of you. You look fantastic!