Sunday Rage

Okay, I got lazy and took the last week off from this blog. It wasn't intentional, just something that happened. Tonight is just going to be a short one because I'm about to rage and throw something against the wall. I went to NYC this weekend (more about that later) and brought my new Flip Video camera with me. I took a bunch of video and Ken wanted to start trying to edit it all together when we got home. Cool. Only the piece of shit Flip Video camera decided it didn't want to play along. The computer won't recognize it. I hooked it up to my computer and it won't recognize it. I hooked it up to the laptop downstairs and again, the computer won't recognize it. I had this problem when I first got it, sent off an email to tech support and they sent a list of things to try. Before I could try them, the computer decided to recognize the camera and I just filed the email away. I dug it out tonight and none of their troubleshooting works. I sent off a new email and hopefully something will come of that. I'm really ticked off. So pissed. I just want to throw the piece of crap camera against the wall and smash it to bits. It'll work just as well in pieces.

Anyway, before I forget, it's Sunday and it's weigh in time. Last Sunday I was 191. I never posted that. Today, I was 193. I'm sure going on a cup cake crawl didn't help the weigh in at all.

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