Medical Talk With Doctor Walter

So the weekend is half over and I haven't done a thing yet. Not that that's such a bad thing. I really didn't want to do anything this weekend. Last weekend I had a friend come visit, next weekend I go to NYC. This is my weekend of beauty and rest. Or something like that. I managed to finally get the dvr all cleaned out. I still have a small stack of comics I want to finish off. I decided against cleaning because I just didn't have it in me today.

I did suggest to Ken that we go see Batman today, but we were out too early for it and he poo-pooed the idea. I find this funny because I don't ever want to go to the movies and that's all he wants to do. So when I actually brought it up and it was a movie we both wanted to see, I thought it would be a done deal. Maybe tomorrow, provided I still have the desire to sit in a movie theater.

So I had a doctor's appointment for Tuesday morning. I took the whole day off, even though the appt was cancelled at the last minute. I rescheduled for Thursday morning at 8:15. Now, if I was seeing my regular doctor, 8:15 means 8:15. Instead I saw the PA, and for him 8:15 means 8:45. Every single time I've had an appointment with him, I would have to reschedule because he would cancel. And then I would see him 30 minutes after my appointment was. My opinion of him isn't very high. Anyway, I was going to see him to get the results from my latest cholesterol test. My cholesterol has been higher than it should be and it's been frustrating to me. I've been doing all the right things to get it in check, but with no success. The doctor put me on a niacin pill which is great for reducing cholesterol. I started eating oatmeal religiously. I cut egg yolks out of my diet completely. I stepped up my exercise. All these things are great for reducing cholesterol. Well, all that got me was higher cholesterol. Can you fucking believe it? After my last visit, I was devastated. Anyway, at that last appointment, the PA took me off the niacin. I stopped avoiding egg yolks. I had to drastically reduce my exercise because of the sciatic pain. I cut back on the oatmeal. And I was really expecting to hear an even worse number this time. Instead, I brought my cholesterol down 15 points. It really doesn't make any sense to me at all. None. My total is 204, which is still just a wee bit high. It should be 200 at the highest. I go back in six months to have it rechecked and I'm hoping it will be right back where it should be.

I also had a test to check my liver functions. After a great weight loss, I was told, irregularities tend to show up in the liver. My liver test couldn't have come back better. The number that they really pay attention to (for what, I don't know, to be honest) was low. Really low. Below the normal range. I was told that I don't pollute my liver enough. Ha! I should get drunk tonight.

And before I forget, I no longer think my PA is a douchebag. He gave me a prescription for muscle relaxers and for Tylenol with Codeine for the sciatic pain. I think I'm going to save the pills for when it really, really hurts. Because some days it does. Tomorrow may be one of those days. I always go out for a walk on Sunday mornings, but I also went out today and last night. Three days in a row might have a negative effect on me. We'll see.


Michael in Stuttgart said...

Wow - you are really doing well with your health - I just don't go to the doctor. Ok, I am stupid like that. I usually treat myself, checking the internet and get the pills I need myself. And I am still alive. Ok I will probably die before my time though :)

Sasha said...

That is really weird about your cholesterol. My best friend has had a problem with elevated cholesterol for a number of years now that isn't caused by diet. She's an cholesterol puzzle, poor thing.

Sasha said...

Walt, what if you have one of those hernias that cause back pain or sciatic pain? Don't people who lose a great amount of weight often get those? Just saying...although I assume you already got checked for that (?).