It's Been A Week?

Wow. I haven't posted anything here since last Sunday. I really don't know how that happened? I would have thought three days, maybe four. Not a whole week. Sorry to both of the people who read this. :)

Anyway, I've had a productive day so far. The clock on my computer says it's 8:32am as I type this. I've managed to bring Ken to the airport, go walk for an hour, do my grocery run, clean the kitchen and start laundry. At the rate I'm going, I'll be in bed by 6 tonight. The paper should be here any minute now. I'll check through the flyers and see if there's anything worth leaving the house for today (I'm guessing no, but you never know). I need to print off my state tax form and do that today. I'm feeling really productive and it scares me.

On Thursday night, I uploaded what I thought was the last of my cds in my massive uploading-to-iTunes project. I felt really good. Then on Friday I found a couple I missed. And on Saturday, I pulled the couple of mix cds I had that I had to type the tracks in that I was too lazy to do earlier. Then I was done. Until this morning. When I was in the basement doing laundry, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the small tote of cds I put down there that I had forgotten. So one more batch and I'm done. There are about 50 discs sitting on my desk right now. I'm not going to chain myself to my desk uploading them today. I'll do what I can and save the rest for this week. This should but me just over the 30,000 song point, I believe.

Today has been very positive so far, but the weekend didn't start out that way. Friday night I got home to find a reminder on my voice mail about my doctor's appt on Monday. Following that was another call from the doctor's office cancelling my appt. This annoyed me. I mean, nothing like waiting until the last minute to cancel on me, right? They have hours on Saturday, so I called yesterday to reschedule. The first that's available is Friday afternoon, so I took it. So now I'm taking Friday off. What annoyed me was I was all hyped up for a three day weekend *this* weekend, not next.

Then, yesterday, I went to walk on the treadmill. About 20 minutes into my walk, a song came on that I didn't want to hear, so I pulled my iPod out of my pocket to advance the track, lost my footing and started to fall back. I didn't actually fall, but I did manage to break a piece off the back of the treadmill that holds the tread up. I broke the treadmill! I'm so annoyed. At least it was free in the first place.

We recorded our second podcast yesterday. I really didn't have any nerves about it this time. I don't know if that means it's going to be better or worse. I haven't listened to it yet. I'll probably save it for work tomorrow. We did have Skype issues, I know that. Hopefully the content itself isn't that bad.

I was listening to the AmeriNZ podcast this morning on my walk. One of the stories Arthur talked about was really interesting to me, especially being the age I am. While I'm not 44, I'm closing in on it. It explains a lot. http://au.news.yahoo.com/080130/21/15oo4.html

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