So Much For That

I wasn't going to sit on the computer much at all today. But that didn't quite pan out the way I wanted. There's always tomorrow.

Weighed in at 203 again today. Having a little trouble dropping those last couple of pounds. Having access to candy at work and then falling back into some old (bad) eating habits certainly doesn't help. I need to limit my french fry intake to a maximum of once a week. That may help.

Bought a new digital scale today. I've been looking at them for months, got really serious about getting one in the last month or so and took the plunge today. The last time I bought one was right at the beginning of my diet. Our old one worked, or so I thought, until that fateful doctor's appointment where I found out I weighed 300.5 lbs. My scale at home was much, much kinder. It got thrown out that day and I bought a new scale. Only I had a panic attack when I stepped on it for the first time and found out I was too fat to be measured. It went back the very next day and I bought the analog scale. While I love that scale, it's not great for getting an exact reading. It's sometimes hard to tell if I weigh 203, 202 or 204. I take my best guess at it. Now with the digital, I'll know for sure. This one registers weight to the 1/10th of a pound. That's nice. I'm scared to weigh myself on it for fear of finding out the analog scale was being kind. I'll find out first thing in the morning. But until next Sunday, I weigh 203 pounds.

Tomorrow is a free day off of work. I'm very happy about this. I've started to get used to having all these fake holidays off of work. When I was in retail, I dreaded them. All these annoying people would shop like crazy all weekend and then come back out in full force on Monday. How much fucking shopping can one person do? Now that I'm on the other side of that fence, I've been loving them. This is the last one until the end of May, though. I'll miss them. Also, last week we got a floating holiday for Lincoln's birthday. I usually hold on to my floaters for a while, but I'm going to use it on Thursday. I haven't seen my friend Todd in probably a year. I'm going down to spend the day with him. I miss him like crazy.

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