Was today a holiday? It sure felt like it at work. Half the office was out. It was so damn quiet and I liked it. I remember reading recently that the day after Super Bowl Sunday is the single most skipped workday of the year. I think it's rather pathetic, but it's true. More people call out sick today than any other day. I guess it's okay, because we are a country of people who don't take responsibility for our actions. Hmmmm, Sunday night? Let's drink heavily because football is on. Makes me sick.

Today is the 18 month anniversary of my diet. As my friend Alex pointed out, I didn't post a weight update yesterday. I forgot. Anyway, I have to go with Sunday's weight as my official and yesterday I was 204 again. Didn't gain, didn't lose. That's okay. However, this morning I was 201. I really wish that today was my official day. I'd feel extra good about myself all week, knowing full well that I'd be back to 204 by next Sunday.

The cd uploading is finished. Finally. I wasn't going to kill myself getting that last stack uploaded, but I sat here and did the whole thing anyway. To recap, I've got 29,945 songs on the computer now, though I'm sure there are still a bunch of duplicates that I haven't found yet. Is there something in iTunes that tells you how many artists or number of albums you have? I'd like to know, but only if there's an easy way.


Gregg P. said...

If you look at the "All" entry in the artist or Album columns (top of the list) it should show the number of artists and albums in parentheses. And if you have all selected in all three of the top columns, the total number of songs, as well as the total length of the music in your library (in days/hours/minutes/seconds) is displayed in the center of the bottom of the window. Last time I checked I believe mine was in excess of 3 months of music....

Alex said...

Yesss weigh in. It's one of the reasons I look forward to Sunday!