I just weighed in and saw that I'm still at 203. This is the third week in a row (and first official weigh in with my new scale!!) and I was expecting better. For most of the week, I was at 200. I was hoping to still be there today, but no such luck. My weekend eating habits saw to that. What's frustrating is I've been pretty much stagnant since my January 20th weigh in. I was 202 then, followed by a couple of weeks at 204 and now three at 203. I know I should be happy with where I'm at, and I am, but I really, really want to reach the finish line of this race. After than, I can bounce up and down the couple of pounds that everyone does to my heart's content, but for now, I just want to accomplish this mammoth task. I guess what I really need to do is concentrate more on my weekend eating than my weekday. I seem to have Sunday through Thursday pretty much under control.

We recorded our 7th podcast yesterday, but it really sucked. I don't think any of us came close to hitting the target with it. We're probably going to scrap the whole thing and start fresh in a couple days.

I took a mental health day on Thursday and went down to spend the day with my friend Todd. Somehow, we've managed to go about a year without seeing each other. We're both fairly busy (well, he is... I'm just lazy) and just never got a chance to get together. The thing with Todd is, I may have not seen him for a year, but about 5 seconds after seeing him, it's like that year disappeared. We did our usual thing, grabbed lunch, went to the comic shop and hung out. I don't really have anyone I can talk about comics to in real life anymore. Sure, there's lots of ways to do it online and stuff, but no one I can hang out with and shoot the shit about this or that. If you're not a comics person, this probably sounds really silly.

I'm trying to catch up on tv watching. I just don't allow myself as much time to watch as I should. I'm too addicted to the internet, I guess. Last night I finished up Dynasty Season 1 on dvd. I got the first two seasons for Christmas, and I'm anxious to start the second season. Matthew Blaisdel is gone and Alexis arrives. It should get good now. Watched the second episode of the new season of Torchwood, too. I'm still 5 episodes behind but should be able to get to those soon. So far it's turning out to be much better than the first season. The first season was good as long as you didn't think about the plots too deeply or you'd realize the show was beyond ludicrous. The plot holes still seem big this season, but not as big.

During lunch at work, I'm currently reading this. Over 500 pages of Adam Strange. What's not to love?

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Nessa said...

comics blah blah blah comics blah blah blah hahaha!

Walt darling, I know it must be frustrating to come to a hault, but the main thing to remember is that you've come a long way baby.

Nessie is proud of you for maintaining :) and apparently speaks in third person.