Doctor Who

I'm watching the first of the two part season finale of Doctor Who's third season. Five minutes in and I'm already saying "Holy Crap!" I love this show. LOVE IT. Season Three has been head and shoulders above the previous two, and the previous two were fantastic. I don't want to spoil anything for those who have been waiting for the Sci-Fi Channel's presentation which begins next week. Holy Crap, that was just Sharon Osbourne! Love it!!


Just another southern gay guy said...

I am INCREDIBLY jealous that you have been able to watch it, but very much relieved to know third season is coming soon to Sci Fi.

Walt said...

I absolutely loved the final story of the season. LOVED IT. There's been a bunch of griping online about it, but screw them. It was a fabulous story and I think you're going to love it 13 weeks from now.